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Writing Challenge – Gideon Holycross

Hey all, Dani here. Yes, I know that it’s not Tuesday yet (my normal posting day), but I’m challenging myself to a new story, and I need your help with planning it. I also posted this on my Facebook page.

Several months ago after learning the last name of one of my co-workers, I told him that it was a cool name and I was going to use it in a story someday. Since then I hadn’t thought too much about it, but a few days ago the full name of the character finally came to me: Gideon Holycross.

Normally in my writing process this is when I’d start asking him about himself, hoping to learn enough to figure out his story so I can start plotting and drafting. However, part of me wants to try something different this time and see how it works out.

So I’m turning to my readers for some of the important details and events. I will put certain things to a vote and then the story will evolve based on the results.

What I know about this story already: it will be urban fantasy, though I haven’t decided on the exact location yet, and it will be set in the present, so 2016 and so on. I know most of you know what urban fantasy is, but for those who don’t it’s a story with fantasy elements such as magic or creatures, etc and it takes place somewhere (real or made-up) but the setting is just as important as the story. Think of stuff like the Dresden Files (Chicago), Charmed (San Francisco), or even the Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep set in a fiction city in Tennessee that feels very real to the readers.

I obviously also know that the main character of this story is Gideon Holycross. His appearance and personality will be determined partly by his occupation, so let’s start there. The other day I posted a question on my Facebook page, asking for suggestions for Gideon’s occupation. The options are: paladin, exorcist, knight, monster hunter, or member of a powerful religious family who runs an antique shop. Please vote for your favorite in the comments.

It’s also clear to me that Gideon Holycross does not work alone. Depending on his occupation he’ll have a squire, an assistant, a partner, or an acolyte. But, is that person male or female? Is this person a friend, a sibling, a romantic interest? Again, please vote in the comments.

Finally, if the partner is NOT a romantic interest, who is? Male or female? What is this person’s occupation?

My plan is to post a chapter of this story up each month, and sometimes I’ll take suggestions or have a vote for upcoming story events. That way I can’t plan too far ahead. If all goes well then I will edit the finished story and release a printed copy, and each person who has voted and commented throughout the writing process will be thanked and mentioned in the acknowledgments.

Who knows, maybe after this story has ended, Gideon Holycross will set out on another adventure. I’m trying to do something interesting that will also challenge me a bit.
So thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, and I hope you all enjoy the tale of Gideon Holycross. Depending on how many votes come in, I may be able to write up the first chapter by the end of March.

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