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Proud Bibliophile

Hey all, Dani again.

So, I consider myself a huge bibliophile. Seriously. What is a bibliophile? Well, for those that don’t know, here’s the definition:


a person who loves or collects books, especially as examples of fine or unusual printing, binding, or the like.

I am a total and complete book addict and I am not at all ashamed of it. In the past I’ve had friends joke that I would starve myself to buy books, and that’s partially true. I did spend a few months completely unemployed but I still found a way to buy the newest Richelle Mead book at the time. Of course I also signed up for an account on NetGalley so I could read a bunch of free ARCs in exchange for just writing up book reviews.

If I didn’t desperately need to have a thorough spring cleaning event in my room I would share my shelfies with you all right now. I’ll try to get everything organized and do that at some point in the future.

So, I guess instead I’ll just show you my latest book haul:



I already have so many more books on my TBR list and yet I can’t resist that siren call of the book store. I’ve tried to limit myself as much as possible lately, writing down a list of my must-buy books and then only every couple months going out and just browsing in a bookstore for whatever sounds good. Sometimes, though, it is really hard to do. I mean you guys have seen how many awesome books seem to come out each month. What is a book addict supposed to do in that sort of situation?

You should see what it’s like when I go to Comic Con. I spend a lot of time walking up and down the rows in Artists’ Alley looking for all of the author stands and I buy a good number of them. Bonus with those books: they’re signed by the authors, which is always so freaking awesome. I treasure those memories and those books. Who am I kidding, I treasure all of my books, but still, the signed ones are special.

And I just want to read all of my books, but then I have my full-time job, where I work at least 44 hours a week, but sometimes I work up to 60 hours a week. Then I have my other big job, which definitely doesn’t pay the bills, but does fulfill that creative part of my soul, being an author. And I try to put a lot of work into it. There’s so much to do with writing, editing, figuring out schedules and goals, social media, keeping up with the blog, and this year I’m planning two convention appearances. It takes a lot of time and energy to do all of that.

Oh, and I did mention earlier that I do need to clean my room, and my writing office. I don’t think the clutter is helping with my creativity at all. Lately I haven’t even been going into my office much, which has a side effect of me constantly being surrounded by my six bookcases. It’s like I can hear the books calling out to me, begging to be read.

Of course, that is probably why I so often procrastinate on the writing so I can read. That only leads to me feeling guilty about putting off something I need to do. Over the years I have realized that I find it difficult to write when I’m in certain moods. Some of the how-to writing books say that writing needs to be treated like any other full-time job, where you sit down and do the work even when you don’t feel like doing it, but I find that leads to a lot more work down the road when I’m editing because it all sounds horribly forced.

I’m dealing with that issue right now. I really need to finish my writing for Project Death: Revelation, and I’d really like to finish my work so I can have the book out to my beta readers by the end of March. That way, I can spend April and Camp NaNoWriMo focused on writing the third book in the series, Project Death: Redemption.

Yet, I have this lovely stack of books that I really want to read. Plus the books that I’ve been trying to finish for a while despite being preoccupied by a dozen other things.

Then today I got a lovely package in the mail. I decided to try this monthly book lovers’ subscription service, LitCube. I had watched a few LitCube unboxing videos when comparing it with other book related subscription offerings and settled on LitCube because there actually is a book included in the box, not just theme related items. It’s a pretty cool variety of items in the box, including a t-shirt and a book, plus this one had a journal, a candle, a Time Turner necklace, and a fruit bar. The March theme was Time Travel, and I have to say that the book (Loop by Karen Akins) sounds pretty interesting. I’ve already ordered the April box, which is themed the Anniversary of the Dragon. Plus, they have a special limited edition Gilmore Girls box too, so I had to get that as well.


Anyway, I’m pretty pleased with it, and I kind of want to start reading the book, but I have all those other books to read, and the writing I really should be doing.

I guess this is a problem to face when you have an obsession with buying and collecting books. I’m sure if I was a bit better at time management I could fit more reading and writing into my schedule. I should work on being more disciplined.

So yeah, I really love books, and I will never feel like I own too many of them. I think my personal library contains at least 2,000 books, and all I can do is think about where my next bookcase will go when I run out of room again. Answer: I’ll either have to reorganize my closet and install shelves there, or downsize my king sized waterbed so I can add more bookcases around the room. When I finally manage to move, I’m going to get a serious workout carrying all the books out.

And again, I will try to get my room cleaned up enough so I can take pictures of my bookcases soon. I’ve been wanting to clear out the clutter for a few months now. Maybe I’ll try to do that this weekend. That will prepare me for Camp NaNoWriMo and will give me a better idea of where my next bookcase can go.

After all, more excellent books will be arriving in bookstores soon enough, and I have a list of what to buy. I love being a bibliophile.

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