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Hey everyone, Dani here.

I have spent the past several days trying to figure out what to write about for this blog post and my creative energy is being focused on writing for Camp NaNoWriMo right now so nothing really was coming to mind.

Then yesterday a writer friend of mine ran into a major problem on the convention circuit, and I want to try and focus some of my energy to help however I can. Plus, I wholeheartedly believe that we writers, artists, and creative types need to help each other. Some people may see other writers as competition, but I prefer to celebrate their successes and I don’t have to be jealous of them when they are doing well.


When I started this page I mentioned Colorworld Books as being a huge inspiration to me, and Rachel and Brad Kelly have honestly become pretty good friends of mine. In late 2014 Rachel and Brad packed up their lives and settled into an RV with their four children to travel around the US and sell Rachel’s books. And though they have had to find creative ways to budget their lives and to deal with mechanical issues again and again, they somehow always manage to find a way over every speed bump.

Right now they are also trying to finish renovations on their house so they can sell it and get a brand new RV. Rachel is at the house with their youngest daughter and overseeing the work while also working on edits for Colorworld book #5, Dreamworld. Meanwhile, Brad took the RV and the other three kids to continue their West Coast Con Tour.

Unfortunately their RV died yesterday, and apparently the costs to repair it would be more expensive than what they paid for the RV to begin with. So they really need help right now. Brad is trying to find a way to get himself to Madison, WI, for Wizard World Comic Con, and then think of the next stops after this weekend as well. Until the house sells they just don’t have the money to replace the RV.

Brad has posted up a GoFundMe, but you can also help them out by buying Colorworld merchandise; they have books, bookmarks, paper prints, metal prints, and all of the merch is awesome…I own a lot of it.

I was commenting on a Colorworld Books Facebook post the other day and was reminded that I’ve actually been a supporter of the books since the beginning of the Colorworld Book Tour, which is a crazy realization for me. When I first discovered Colorworld, it was Halloween weekend at Wizard World Ohio in Columbus, and Rachel had only done a couple conventions at the time. I walked around Artists’ Alley specifically looking for books to buy and it was quite easy to convince me to buy the 3-book bundle, which meant basically pre-ordering book 3, which would be released at the end of the year.

I actually waited until Lumaworld arrived at my house before I read–I mean, devoured–the books. It is an interesting and realistic take on people with what we think of as superpowers and the depth of emotions and character development is outstanding. But the Colorworld brand is ever expanding and evolving and Brad and Rachel released Illustrated versions of the series, with each book being done by a different artist in a different style. They are gorgeous. And they ran a Kickstarter campaign to jumpstart the creation of a Colorworld comic series. There’s even been talk of audiobooks and maybe even movies.

Fast forward to the next year at Wizard World Ohio and I had volunteered to give Rachel a hand at her table, since that weekend Brad was working another Colorworld table down at Cincinnati Comic Expo. It was a great time and I was able to pay for Shadoworld, book 4 of the series. The series gets better and better with each book and I was blown away by the events of Shadoworld. Now I am desperately waiting the arrival of Dreamworld.


As a huge bibliophile I usually stray away from the whole favorite book or favorite author question, because there are just so many amazing options out there, but since meeting Rachel Kelly and reading Colorworld, it has become my go-to recommendation for everyone I know. I’ve actually bought Colorworld as gifts for several friends. I am most definitely #TeamColorworld for life.

So, please, if you are able to help out Rachel and Brad, I would sincerely appreciate it. Buy the Colorworld books (B&N, AmazonAmazon, Colorworld store), get some of the artwork (Colorworld store), donate to the GoFundMe, or just spread the word to all your book loving friends.

Thanks everyone.

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