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Meeting Felicia Day

Hey all, Dani here.

I thought about trying to type up this post yesterday but I was worried it would be a chaotic jumble of emotion and fangirl squeeing…plus I didn’t get much sleep the past few days so that won out and now I can type up a more coherent post.


Meeting Felicia Day was one of the absolute greatest experiences of my life, and I only got to physically see her for about five minutes and talk to her for maybe one. After watching her on so many shows, and watching so many of the programs from Geek & Sundry, and of course reading her memoir, I had formed an idea of what Felicia would be like face-to-face.

Guess what? Reality totally met expectation. Felicia is such a nice person. Before the signing she was on Twitter responding to tweets from people who had purchased a book elsewhere and were wondering about getting it signed, and people who worried that they would be at the end of the line and she would leave before they got up to see her. It was lovely to see how she responded, telling them to just buy any book from the bookstore and then she didn’t mind if they got in line, or telling them that she would stay as late as she needed to in order to sign all of the books.

The store was packed. I kinda wish I had been able to get a picture of how many people were there, but the line wound all through the store and it was amazing to see all the guys, gals, and kids there, waiting to meet Felicia. I saw so many people wearing The Guild shirts, or Flog shirts, or Tabletop shirts, or Felicia’s Embrace Your Weird shirt. It was like being at a Comic Con minus the cosplay.

My friends and I were all in different signing groups: D, E, G…so if we wanted to go together then we had to wait until it was time for group G to ascend the stairs before we could go. So we waited. And waited. A little after two hours later we were on the stairs to the second floor of the store and stepping to the side a bit we caught a glimpse of Felicia at her table signing books.

That’s when I noticed that she was taking time to have brief conversations with each person, and that she was posing for pictures. It was what I had been hoping for the entire time, to be able to get my picture taken with Felicia Day. And being able to see her finally, I admit it, I had a little fangirl panic attack.

I’ve always been pretty alright with people seeing me as a geek or a nerd, and it didn’t bother me too much, but it has only been in the past eight years or so that I have truly embraced my geekery and done what makes me happy: going to conventions, playing board games, D&D, getting together cosplays, etc. And part of that has to do with Felicia Day.

So yes, I had a moment where I thought “holy crap, can I really walk up to her and not turn into a blubbering mess?” I made all of my friends go before me and it was cool to hear them talk to her about Supernatural and going to Supernatural conventions. Then it was my turn and I got to watch her sign my book and then we got a couple pictures together, and she said she liked my shirt. (I was wearing her ‘Embrace Your Weird’ shirt). And then I got to show her that I also had the Critical Role d20 ring, and so we got to talk about how she has to restrain herself from guest appearing on there all the time. That led to me telling her that one of the D&D characters I’ve created is a wizard inspired by her CR character Lyra…and guys, Felicia had a little fangirl moment when I said that. It was like she couldn’t believe that someone would use her socially awkward Lyra as inspiration for their own character. It was kind of cool.

And then like that, it was time for her to sign the next book.

I think I walked down the stairs as if floating down with my head in the clouds. It was as if I had just had some awe-inspiring magical encounter and I was walking through the mist back to reality.

If possible, I am even more of a fan of the lovely Felicia Day now that I’ve met her. I hope I get to go to a convention and see her again, attend panels, photo ops, etc, because she is a wonderful person. I like that when you read her memoir and even in a very brief conversation at a book signing, it just feels like she talks to everyone as if they are a good friend. It’s fabulous.

Okay, so now it’s time that I share my picture of us, right? Yeah, alright, here it is.


I’m going to re-read her memoir now, since the paperback has a bonus chapter (which details her time on the hardcover book tour) and I’ll probably post a review of it up soon.

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