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Signal Boost: Remedy for Memory by Brista Drake

Hey all, Dani here.

Welcome to a new recurring segment here on my blog: Signal Boost. My hope is that each Friday I’ll share with you a book/author, TV show, movie, board game, video game, etc that I think people should check out. If you’d like to join me in boosting the signal on some awesome or geeky things you love, then please do. And share your book and geeky love with everyone else.

And if you don’t know, I’ll just say it now…yes, I got the idea for this segment from Geek & Sundry. They have a show on their channel called Signal Boost, where you get a new host every four episodes and in each episode the host shares 3 awesome geeky things they think you should know about. Nine episodes have aired and if you want to check it out, you can do so here.

For this first installment, I want to discuss an author friend of mine, Brista Drake. Her first book, Remedy for Memory, came out a year ago. It is a contemporary high school romance story, and I’ll admit that most of the time I’m not a big reader of contemporary books.

However, this is the time of year where I do feel the urge to read some cute fluffy contemporary romance type books. While I wouldn’t exactly call Drake’s debut novel a cute and fluffy contemporary, it did feel pretty true to life. And since it was set in our home state, I actually knew a number of the locations within the story. For example, several characters go on a trip up to Cedar Point, an amusement park I actually worked at for four summers. I liked the real details in the book because it helped to ground the characters for me.


“After some time, I could talk to people, but I couldn’t say your name. I couldn’t put your name next to how I was feeling. There was something broken, and I just . . . didn’t think anyone could believe me.

So I wrote it down instead. I wrote this all for me . . . For you.”

If Trisha could summarize in one word her entire past relationship with Aaron, “The Baron,” it’d be a long, sarcastic “thanks.” For most of his life, Aaron Madison glorified being the butt of every joke, but after meeting Trisha four years ago, everything had changed.

If there was a time to speak, it was now.

Brista Drake also is a vlogger. You can find her on YouTube as WritingMime. She has playlists created about her writing process, editing and publishing process, and she’ll talk about reading and reviewing and life as a writer.

She’s a cool person and I think more people should check out her vlog and her book.

Well, that’s all for my first Signal Boost. I’ll see you all again next week for more talk of books and geekery.

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