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Signal Boost: The Dreamer by Lora Innes

Hey all, Dani here.

Welcome to my latest installment for Signal Boost. If you like hearing about cool and sometimes geeky books, movies, web pages, products and more, this segment is for you. And if you would like more geeky recommendations, please go and check out the episodes of Signal Boost on Geek & Sundry. It’s a web series where a rotation of hosts share three geeky things with you each week, and the show inspired me to start a weekly blog following the same idea.

I absolutely have to talk about this wonderful web comic series I discovered a few years ago. I first found it online, and honestly, I can’t exactly remember how I found it…maybe a friend mentioned it to me? Anyway, then at Wizard World Ohio in 2014, it just happened that the creator of the comic was there in Artists Alley and she had bound up collections of the first three volumes of the series. I wasted absolutely no time in buying them for myself…and then I went home and devoured all three in two sittings. I have no self-control when it comes to spacing out my reading.

I’m talking about The Dreamer series by the amazing Lora Innes.


I don’t know what it is about Revolutionary War time that has always been so appealing to me. When I was a kid I watched a show called Liberty’s Kids that focused mostly on three–I want to say they were tweens who found themselves basically on the sidelines and a part of a number of major events.

Then I found this webcomic series and it features a girl, Beatrice or Bea Whaley, who falls asleep and finds herself in Revolutionary War times and falling in love with a handsome soldier boy and right in the middle of important events. When I found out that the series was going to be bound up into paperbacks I was excited, and then somehow I got busy with school and life and I forgot about these until I went to Wizard World Ohio in 2014…and I fell in love with the series all over again.

And of course, at the current moment, I am hopelessly obsessed with the Broadway musical Hamilton so my fascination with this time period continues.

The Dreamer was started back in 2007 and has amassed quite a few pages and issues and volumes. With more time and more funding, hopefully Lora Innes will be able to write and sketch this story to its conclusion.

Anyway, I love the artwork in The Dreamer and the storyline is really cool too. Obviously, I also find it awesome that Innes is an Ohioan. I feel a bit of camaraderie with her because of that.

What is fun about this kind of story is that it allows the reader to dream about this scenario too, and honestly it reaches a point where you have to wonder if Bea is dreaming about the Revolutionary War time or if she’s dreaming about the modern world, or are both of them actually real and she just travels between the two whenever she falls asleep in one of the timelines. Anyway, it’s brilliant, and I really should read the whole thing again.

My only complaint at the moment is that since these three volumes were printed and released in 2014 there hasn’t been any word about more bindups in the works.I’m hoping that there will be more soon because I like having a physical copy of the series to read through. I like the frequent updates to the webcomic but usually only getting a couple pages each week doesn’t give me enough to sink down into the world of the story, and I like escaping into what I’m reading.

Looking on The Dreamer‘s web page, it seems that currently Lora Innes is using Patreon to help fund more of her work for The Dreamer and writing short stories to accompany the webcomic, and she is also creating a comic to go along with SyFy’s show Wynnona Earp. The last blog update about Bea’s story mentions that the story has to be put on hold for a few weeks because of a family medical situation, which is understandable, and I’m certainly willing to accept a hold because of that, but I’m hoping there will be more of The Dreamer coming soon.

So if you are a fan of stories that take place during the Revolutionary War, or stories that involve a modern young woman being tossed back into history and trying to figure out how to survive as well as dealing with typical teenager issues, then I very much recommend this series. It’s fabulous.


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