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Signal Boost: Mistborn Board Game

Hey all, Dani here.

Welcome back to Signal Boost, a weekly post where I share some geeky something-or-other that I think more people should know about. Sometimes it’s a book, a movie, or a web site, while other times it will be a crowdfunding campaign or an event.

Today, I’m talking about a brand new Kickstarter campaign. Crafty Games seems to be a big fan of Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series, and I can’t blame them. I adore the world and the magic system and always wanted to play in it. I guess it was pretty cool when the Mistborn Adventure Game was released (and it’s even better to play it with my lovely Mistborn Allomantic dice set).

Now Crafty Games has designed Mistborn: House War, a boardgame set in the Mistborn world. The campaign went live on Kickstarter on Wednesday, June 15, and was funded before the first day even ended.

So, I guess this might make you say “well, Dani, doesn’t that mean that it doesn’t really need to be signal boosted”…and yes, I guess that is partially true, because it is based on a popular series by a popular author, but I really love Mistborn.


I mean, I own all of the series that I can own right now–I have to have matching sets, so since the newest books were released in hardcover first, and I have paperbacks, there’s a delay for me. Thankfully Shadows of Self is out in October and Bands of Mourning is out in January 2017. I’m also planning to get the whole series with the UK covers too, because I really like the cover designs.

But I’m also a huge fan of board games, and I like the concept for Mistborn: House War, because it is simultaneously cooperative and competitive. You work together to keep the empire strong, while also competing against each other to earn the favor of the Lord Ruler. The only thing about this game that I’m bummed about is that it’s only playable for 3-5 players. My normal game night typically has 9 people, so typically we play games where we can all play at once. Still, this definitely sounds like a game to play with my bookish friends.

I should say that if you don’t participate in the Kickstarter and you later want to buy the board game, it will be available for retail. HOWEVER, the retail version will not have any of the add-ons included for the Kickstarter edition. The retail version will only give you the options for six great Houses. The Kickstarter version might include all 12 Houses, plus more named Personality Cards, and even plastic miniature playing pieces.

At the time of me finishing this post and publishing it, the campaign has raised over $78,000, which is about 262% of its goal. So far we are halfway through the stretch goals, and there are still 33 days left in the campaign. Here’s to hoping that we smash through all the stretch goals and have a truly amazing board game as a result.

All in all it looks like an awesome game. I’ve already pledged my support to the game, and if you are a fan of Brandon Sanderson in general, or specifically the Mistborn series, then you should definitely check out this board game.

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