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Signal Boost: Lit-Cube

Hey all, Dani here.

Welcome back to Signal Boost, a weekly segment inspired by the show Signal Boost on Geek & Sundry. Each week I will share something fun, educational, or geeky that I wish more people knew about.

This week I’m talking about a subscription box that I’ve received a few times in the past–and am actually waiting for my June box to arrive. It was delayed because one of the items got held up at customs.

Anyway, it’s a subscription box that is great for me because it is a bookish subscription box. There are a lot of book subscription boxes in the world and not all are the same. There are some that send you a box of 3 books quarterly; there are some that send a box with 3-5 items inspired by books but with no actual book inside; then there’s boxes like this one that will always have a book and then 3-5 bookish items.

Of course, I’m talking about Lit-Cube.

The first box I received from Lit-Cube was the March 2016 box and it had a theme of Time Travel. That candle smells wonderful and I wear that shirt all the time. I am definitely a Whovian. And the April theme was Anniversary of the Dragon, which sounded cool so I snatched up that box as well. The May theme was based around Alice in Wonderland so I skipped it, but the June theme is Roaring ’20s and I adore books, shows, and movies set in Prohibitionary times.

Lit-Cube’s boxes will always have a book, something you can wear, something you can eat or drink, and then a couple of other fun items. Seriously, look at my little book dragon. He sits by my desk and stares at me while I’m writing. It’s so cute. Oh, and that journal in the April box has random coloring pages throughout. I’m a sucker for adult coloring books…or children’s coloring books. Basically I just find coloring to be relaxing.

I’m sure you all would like to know the details of the box. It is $34.95 per month and you can either sign up for the monthly recurring subscription, or you can just get a one-time subscription box. That’s the option I choose so I sign up based on what the theme is. Speaking of: the July theme for Lit-Cube is An Awfully Big Adventure, and it seems to be Peter Pan inspired, and they have said that the book in July’s box is a brand new release, so I’m excited to see what it is.

Oh, and Lit-Cube just branched out from simply their monthly book subscription. Now there’s also an option to subscribe to Stars Hollow Monthly, which is a Gilmore Girls themed subscription box. Now, unlike Lit-Cube, the Stars Hollow Monthly box may not always include a book, but you know, Rory was a bookworm so there will be the occasional read in them.

I guess they decided to start Stars Hollow Monthly after a very successful run of the limited edition Lit-Cube box themed Coffee At Luke’s. Stars Hollow Monthly is also a little bit cheaper, at $29.95 a month. That box was available in April 2016 and I absolutely had to get it…and it is one of my favorite things ever.


Okay, so I wear the shirt all the time, and I have the No Cell Phones sign hanging up over my desk. Oh, and I definitely drink cappuccino and hot tea out of my Luke’s mug all the time–not so much right now because it’s summer so I only drink cold coffee/tea. Those coffee chewy cubes were an interesting experience, and look at those Dragonfly Inn towels. Seriously, I am in love with this box. It was absolutely fabulous.

Well, that’s all for me today. If you get a subscription box (bookish or other), let me know your favorites in the comments.


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