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Giveaway Announcement

Hey all, Dani here

Wow, yes, I am posting on a Wednesday. I am only doing this because it is a special post and I have the rest of my posts for this month figured out already.

So, as some of you may know, my first book came out three years ago. Since then I have been struggling to write and finish the second book. Thanos, the narrator for book two, REALLY does not like to talk about himself, especially about his past, and unfortunately a great deal of the book is about his past.

Anyway, the book — Project Death: Revelation–is almost finished and I should have the publication announcement at some point this month.


Which means it’s time for me to host a giveaway. When I released Project Death: Resurrection I held a Goodreads giveaway and had several hundred people sign up. After the winner was selected, I signed the book (personalized with her name and everything) and sent it to her. About a day after she received the book it was put up for sale on Amazon, for more than I’m selling copies, and her name was not all that common. Needless to say this made me a little upset.

This time around, I want to be certain that the winner of the book is someone who actually wants the book, and somebody who has read the first book since it is a series. So, I have started a review giveaway and posted about it on my Facebook Page.

It’s really simple: write a review of Project Death: Resurrection and post it online. You can post it on Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, CreateSpace, Smashwords, Facebook, Twitter, your own blog, wherever…and for EACH review you post and share with me, you’ll earn ONE entry.

For example, if you post a review on Amazon, Goodreads, and your blog, that is three entries.

Then, at the end of July, I will put all the entries in a cup and draw out a winner on August 1st (AKA my birthday). That winner will be sent a signed copy of the second book. How about that? For my birthday, I’m giving at least one of you a present.

If you haven’t yet read Project Death: Resurrection, don’t worry…currently the e-book is FREE, and will remain free until July 31st. On August 1st it will return to it’s price of $1.99. For more details about my book and an honest review from me, check out this blog post.

Oh, and another fun contest/giveaway happening right now on my Facebook page: When my page reaches 225 likes–It’s at 214 now–I will randomly select a winner who will then get to work with me to create a character for either my Project Death paranormal series, or my Courts and Guilds science fantasy series.

When I say create a character, I mean choosing the name, the appearance, possibly occupation or title (depending on which series you choose), and probably a couple important personality traits.

And when my page reaches 250 likes, I will host a signed paperback giveaway. So feel free to stop over by my page and give it a like.

Thanks everyone.

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