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Signal Boost: Rebecca Frank Design and Art

Hey all, Dani here.

Welcome back to my weekly installment of Signal Boost, my mini-shout-out to some person or thing that I think more people should know about. As always, I will say that my inspiration for this segment came from watching episodes of the show Signal Boost on Geek & Sundry. I’ll also add in a mini-Boost right now and say that if you aren’t watching Signal Boost, you should go check it out now because the current host, America Young, is awesome and cute and hilarious.

Anyway, today’s choice for my Signal Boost is actually book related. If you’re a self-published/indie author then you really know how important it is to have a great cover. And there are so many options online for cover designers and cover artists, so it could be a little daunting if you don’t know what you want.

I first learned of Rebecca Frank when Facebook suggested that I might like author Adam J Wright’s page. That led me to really liking his cover art for his books, which then led me to find Rebecca Frank’s Web site.

She has premade covers and can also be hired for specific covers. Depending on if you want e-book or e-book and print, and your budget, you have the choice of several options, and I’ll say that I find the prices to be fairly reasonable. I’ve done a lot of searching for indie cover artists and some of them charge a pretty penny for work.

There are four different “packages” you can choose from when it comes to cover design and creation.

First is The Premade Ebook. This is a starting cost of $65 and includes the customization of author name and title after purchase. Premade covers are sold only once and are not based on a template. Some simple edits can be made for free while an extra fee will be tacked on for complex edits. And this cost only includes an Ebook cover. There is an extra cost if you want the spine and back cover for a paperback book.

You can shop her premade cover gallery here.

Next is The Basic Ebook. This package has a starting cost of $149 and you choose one stock photo which Rebecca Frank then uses to create a book cover. The cost of the stock photo is included in the price, and she uses Shutterstock, so you can look for photos there before contacting Rebecca Frank if you’d like. This package has a turnaround time of about a week and the cost includes up to two revisions. Again, this is just the price for Ebook cover and an extra fee will be charged if you want the print design.

With a starting cost of $299, the third package is The Premium Ebook. This option allows you to choose multiple stock photos from Shutterstock which will then be edited and manipulated together to create a wholly unique cover just for you. The package promises initial concepts within two days of cover start date and there is no limit to revisions. Again, this cost is still just for Ebook and there is an extra fee to create the print design as well.

Finally, there is The Print Package. This option starts at $399 and includes everything from The Premium Ebook package plus the wrap around spine and back cover for a print book. You will receive a PDF file for CreateSpace, or other similar print on demand companies.

If you want to look at Rebecca Frank’s portfolio filled with other covers she has created, you can find that here.

I simply think that Rebecca Frank’s covers are beautiful, and then while reading about her, I discover that she is based in Ohio, which is honestly even cooler for me because I too am an Ohioan, so now I feel like I’m supporting a neighbor…or something.


For my Project Death series, I have made my own covers, utilizing photos I’ve taken at cemeteries around Ohio. But for a project like my Courts and Guilds novels, I want an excellent cover that will draw in readers, especially since a science fantasy project would be a great deal more difficult for me to figure out a cover for. My plan is to hire Rebecca Frank for all four books in the series.

Now, since a lot of time and effort go into the creation of each cover, Rebecca Frank can sometimes be a bit busy with work. She keeps up to date on her Web site about her availability and such, which I appreciate. And I realize that by Signal Boosting her, I might even run into a situation where she gets even busier, but I think her work is outstanding and she deserves to have more people find her and hire her.

Right now I think I own 12 books with covers designed by Rebecca Frank, and they all look so lovely. Thankfully the stories bound within the covers have been just as great as the covers.

Well, I think that’s all from me this week. I’ll see you guys next week with more book reviews, writing talk, and another Signal Boost. Have a great weekend!

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