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Signal Boost: Inkshares

Hey all, Dani here.

I am writing this from my hotel room in Chicago while I wait for Wizard World Chicago Comic Con to start for the day. There’s about a half-hour until the show floor opens today and I’m excited. Yesterday I only managed to make it through Artists’ Alley and that’s it. My flight was delayed four times so by the time I got to my hotel and checked in, the Con had been going for almost an hour.

Still, I can say that I’ve already done some book and graphic novel shopping. I have 3 new books and 6 new graphic novels so far and will probably pick up some more today. We’ll see what happens. And I got to see my friends at Colorworld Books too, so I’ll probably (definitely) hang out with them some more over the weekend.

Anyway, back to the post, which is partially a self-promotion Signal Boost. Geek & Sundry is hosting a writing contest in a partnership with Inkshares. They’ve also run a science fiction contest, but this current contest is a fantasy based contest, and the winners are the three stories with the most pre-orders by November 1st One (or more) stories in this contest will be part of the Geek & Sundry collection and will be published with the G&S logo on it and everything.

Sounds pretty cool, right?

I’ve actually signed up for this contest, with my current work-in-progress: Tale of Blood and Mourning. I’ve set myself a goal of writing at least 1,000 words a day on the novel so I should finish the rough draft by the contest deadline of November 1, 2016. But you can pre-order it now, and I have the first two chapters posted online if you want a little taste of whar the story could be.

This is a project I have been working on as a side project for months, doing all sorts of worldbuilding and planning and it has been a very interesting experience for me. I have never really been a huge planner; most of my plotting and planning is loose and allows for a great deal of improvisation and just going with the flow. With this story I’ve had to do so much work on the world and the religion and the politics and the history that I can’t just fly by the seat of my pants.

The shocking part is that I have actually really enjoyed all this planning. So much so that I’m actually planning to start up a D&D group with some friends where they will get to adventure in this world I’ve created. It’s pretty cool.

I’ve talked about Tale of Blood and Mourning a bit before, and you can find the summary and my world map in my post here.

Anyway, you can find the link to my Inkshares page here, and I would really really appreciate your support. In some ways Inkshares does operate like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, so if my project doesn’t reach the pre-order goals, you pay nothing.

BUT, if it does reach the goals then I get a little bit of help with the cover and the marketing and other cool things that just doesn’t happen as much with the self-publishing process.

There are two benchmarks for publication on Inkshares, and the first is the Quill collection. Books qualify for this if they reach 250 pre-orders. This collection includes an ISBN for the book, light editing, limited distribution (including physical and digital on Amazon), and signed print-on-demand copies to all backers.

And that’s a really cool benchmark to reach, but I’d love to reach the 750 preorder mark because that’s where it gets awesome. At 750 preorders the book qualifies for the whole traditional process: full editorial services, design, an offset print run, marketing, and distribution into bookstores nationwide.

It’s just an amazing opportunity, and I’m curious to see if Inkshares would be a viable option for my future in writing and publication. So thanks for checking out my project, and if you decide to pre-order, I may come up with some goodies, bonuses, and swag to send out should the project be a success.

Thanks everyone! And now I’m heading off to another fun day at Comic Con.

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