Wizard World Chicago Recap

Hey all, Dani here.

I love being a geek, and a huge bit of of my geek life is going to Comic Conventions. As I expand and grow as a writer, some of these Cons are work weekends for me, but Wizard World Chicago is my fun Con. It is where I can run around and meet celebrities, get photo ops and autographs, and enjoy panels, plus all of yhe great books and artwork I can pick up in Artists’ Alley.

Wizard World Chicago this year was held August 18th-21st and I had a blast. I don’t want to load this post up with dozens of pictures but I’ll just share a few with all of you.

First up: my book haul. No Con is complete without me buying a bunch of wonderful things to read. This year that meant 10 books and 10 graphic novels. 

And of course if I’m going to buy a lot of books then I need bookmarks to use while reading. Luckily my friends at Colorworld Books make these awesome metal bookmarks, so I picked up the Sandman set as well as a Gambit bookmark and a Winter Soldier one.

Oh and I should mentiom that I actually picked up some jewelry too. I’m not typically someone who buys necklaces or rings or bracelets but I absolutely could not resist this awesome charm bracelet.

Isn’t that awesome?

I only made it to a few panels this year: Christian Kane, Rose McIver, and a concert by the Library Bards. Still, I enjoyed them and the concert was pretty fun.

I won’t share my autographs with you since they are signed to me personally (my birth name, not my pen name of Danielle) but I will share a few of the photo ops.

Oh…and I actually got my picture taken with a replica of Baby from Supernatural, which was so freakin’ cool. I ended up doing the VIP photo package which included 3 photos and a Samulet but I’ll just share one of the images.

Anyway, it was such a fun weekend and I’m already looking forward to going next year. I met some new friends and we have all planned to meet up there and go out for drinks. Wizard World Chicago 2017 will be held August 24th-27th.

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