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Self-Publish September

Hey all, Dani here.

My TBR pile is so large that I can’t even fit all of the books in a picture anymore. So I’ve written down all the titles onto slips of paper and put them in my d20 coffee mug, which is now my TBR mug. Basically the plan is to randomly select which books to read next.

Sometimes though, it is fun to deviate from a plan. For example, I have a lot of books in ky collection that are by self-published authors. So I thought it would be fun to focus my attention on those books for the month of September.

Now I do have a couple ARCs to be reviewed in September too, and I will still post them as planned, but every other review post will be sharing will be a book by a small press author or a completely self-published author. These reviews might include the following books but may also include some other purchases as well.

It should be a super fun month where I can showcase some books and authors who could use some more hype surrounding their books and them. 

As a self-published author myself, I know how important reviews can be, and how wonderful it is when someone talks up books, so I try to support others as much as I can. Other authors are my friends, my inspiration, my support system, and my companions in our chosen career path. I cannot and will not think of other writers as my competition. There is room in this world for all of our books.

So if anyone is interested in joining me to spread the word about some of the amazing books out there by self-published authors, I would love that. Let me know below if you plan to join in and I will follow your reviews, whether you blog, vlog, or just post on Goodreads.

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