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Review: Let Your Heart Be Light by Crista McHugh

Hey all, Dani here.

I’m starting to get into the cozy Christmas mood…and by that I mean that it’s the time of year where I like to read cozy romances or epic length fantasy books that I can disappear into for a whole day while drinking delightful warm beverages and cuddling under a blanket.

Today’s book definitely qualifies for the cozy romance part, and as a bonus, it is set during the holiday season as well. Now, I really enjoyed the entire Kelly Brothers series, so finding out that there’s now this novella that takes place after those seven books, and this time we are focusing on their mom…well, I was intrigued.



All Maureen Kelly wants for Christmas is a full house. Unfortunately, now that her seven sons have all found the women of their dreams, they’re too busy to come home for the holidays. If it wasn’t for the attention of a good family friend, she would’ve completely given up on the joy of the season.

Rupert Bates has been in love with Maureen for nearly twenty years, before he had any right to have such feelings for her. He’s given her five years to grieve her late husband, all the while gathering the courage to confess his feelings to her. Bit by bit, the magic of the holidays draws them closer, and she begins to return his affection. But will falling in love with his boss lead to delight or heartache?

My Thoughts

Rating: 4.5 stars

This was a cute novella that was about half the length of the rest of the Kelly Brothers books, but it manages to at least mention all of the brothers so we get little glimpses into where their lives have gone since the series wrapped in 2015. And I will honestly say that this novella just increased my desire for more books following the brothers and their growing families and such.

Legitimately, my only reason for marking the rating down .5 stars is because I wanted more from the story. I feel like I wanted to see more of the family Christmas dinner and actually interact with all of the Kelly boys instead of them being mentioned in passing or just being present in the background.

The fact that this is a story about a woman who is a widow and the mother of seven adult boys–the youngest of whom is 25–made this a romance unlike most I read, which focus on younger adults and such. 

I really did enjoy this, and if you want a nice happily ever after story set during the holidays, definitely pick this up.

Where to Buy

 You can pick up this book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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