Middle Grade March TBR

Hey all, Dani here.

Okay, so yes I do realize that we still have just over a week left in February and that means that posting about my plans for reading in March might seem like it’s a bit early. But, the fact is that I am making March sort of a themed month and I want to give people the opportunity to join me if they want.

Basically for the month of March, aside from a couple ARCs I have to read, I plan on focusing on reading books that are classified as middle grade reads. I’ve been accumulating more and more of these books over the past months and they haven’t made it to my TBRs yet, and I want to change that.

I really enjoy middle grade books. Yes some of them still have inklings for romance, but they mostly focus on friendships and families. They are cute and clever and typically just fun. Middle grade books are also pretty fast reads for me so I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to read quite a few books in March.

All right, so I guess now I’ll just jump into the books I’m hoping to get around to in the next month.


House of Secrets by Chris Columbus and Ned Vizzini

This book seems like a fun little adventure, and the front cover blurb was written by J.K. Rowling, so I’m hoping I’ll enjoy this.

Hollow Earth by John Barrowman and Carol Barrowman

I have been wanting to read this trilogy for a while. I’m a huge fan of John Barrowman’s acting, and I wonder how well that entertainment translates to a book.

The Balance Keepers: The Fires of Calderon by Lindsay Cummings

I picked up this book based on the recommendation of Sasha Alsberg (@abookutopia on social media). Okay, yes, this may be a bias on Sasha’s end since Lindsay is her co-author, but the concept of the story sounds interesting, so I’m willing to give it a shot.

The Exiled Queen by Cinda Williams Chima

Last year (I think), I read The Demon King, which is the first book of this series, and I really enjoyed it…but for some reason I didn’t pick up the sequel. I can’t wait to find out what happens to these characters in this world next.

The Search for WondLa by Tony Diterlizzi

Here’s another book I picked up thanks to a recommendation on BookTube, this time by Regan (@PeruseProject). I like the idea for this book because it is a bit more of a science fiction middle grade story, and I trust Regan’s recommendations. Our reading tastes are fairly similar.

Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty

This book sounds fun and a tiny bit spooky, and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it from several different bookish friends on social media.

A School for Good and Evil: A World Without Princes by Soman Chainani

I greatly enjoyed the first book in this trilogy, and had actually planned to pick up this one a few months ago, but then I heard a few mediocre reviews about it and so I put it off while I read some other books I really wanted to. Now I’d like to actually just push aside the reviews of others and formulate one of my own.

Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

Regan talks about Brandon Mull quite a bit on her YouTube channel, and I was able to pick up this book at a nice discount through Book Outlet, so I’m hoping it will be a fun fantastical adventure.

The Missing: Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Years ago I was a huge fan of Margaret Peterson Haddix; I even have a couple autographed copies from her Shadow Children series. I heard about this series by her and purchased the first book but haven’t read it yet.

Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi

I have been hearing about this book since a few months before its release last year. It sounds fun and whimsical and I look forward to finally reading it.

Riverkeep by Martin Stewart

The cover for this book is so lovely to look at, and I liked the concept for the story as well. I tried to get an early copy through NetGalley but was rejected, and so I bought my own copy. Somehow though I got distracted and this book has just been sitting on my shelves. It’s time to pick it up.

All right. Well, there you have it, all the books I’m planning on reading in March. It’s a pretty big list so I’ll have to keep to a reading schedule to finish them all. I think I can make it through all of them though.

And if you decide to join me for Middle Grade March, let me know. I’d love to follow your progress on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or wherever you talk about your reading.

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