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My Go To Book Recommendations

Hey all, Dani here.

So today at work I was talking with a friend about books, and he mentioned that he needed to find something new to read. But he wanted something where the series was already complete so he wouldn’t have to worry about waiting between installments and forgetting what happened. I immediately told him about this great fantasy trilogy that recently released its final book.

This of course got me thinking more about my go-to recommendations, the books I will always be glad to suggest to other people. So, I thought I would share those with all of you.

First up, I of course have to mention the Colorworld series by Rachel E. Kelly. This will be a seven book series, and five have already been released (Colorworld, Teleworld, Lumaworld, Shadoworld, and Dreamworld). I’ve talked about these a lot, but the great thing right now is that you can jump in from the beginning with Colorworld, or you can actually start with book 5: Dreamworld. Warning: starting with book 5 will probably leave you wanting to go back and read the rest of the series anyway. These books are just so good! I love them so much. You can find my reviews at the links above.

Next up on my list of book recommendations: the Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo (Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom). I love these two books so darn much. The cast of characters is fantastic and diverse, and following their adventures through this impossible heist and the aftermath is just vastly entertaining. This is set in the same universe as the Grisha trilogy, but you do not need to read them in order to follow this series. There are a few secondary characters who appear in both series, so you would appreciate that more if you read the Grisha trilogy as well, but you can still follow along otherwise.

My third pick for this list is Borderline by Mishell Baker. Now this is the first book in the Arcadia Project series, and the second book will be coming out soon, but the diversity of the cast and a narrator who is a double amputee just make this worth the read. Seriously, I cannot say enough great things about Millie and the adventures she gets into when she joins the Arcadia Project and finds herself having to deal with the fey.

A new addition to my list, my next go-t0 recommendation is Heartstone by Elle Katharine White. This is a sort-of retelling of Pride & Prejudice, but in a world where dragons and dragon riders exist, along with wyverns, hobgoblins, and many other creatures. I absolutely loved this book and definitely plan to make it one I reread over and over. This was the adaptation I didn’t know I needed in my life until I started reading it.

Okay, next up is one that I own in multiple formats (hardcover, e-book, and audio book), and I just really enjoy reading it. This is a book I pick up when I want to go off into a magical land and forget about life. When I read it, I just feel like I have been transported to this beautiful setting. Of course, I am talking about The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I just love the descriptions of the circus, and hearing about all the different tents created by the two main characters. Speaking of…I think I’m totally overdue for a reread of this wonderful story.

Anyway, from the circus, I’m traveling far far away for this next recommendation. The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers was a very complex and awesome science fiction read featuring a diverse cast of characters as they voyage across space on a job. The cast features various aliens and humans, with differing beliefs and romantic inclinations and it is just a breathtakingly beautiful story.

The seventh selection for my recommendations list is the Captive Prince trilogy by C.S. Pacat. All right, so I know that some don’t like this trilogy because there is a master/slave romance/relationship and also there are some sort-of sex slaves who have not quite hit puberty. I’ll just say that I thought the world was an interesting one, and I actually thought the relationship that formed between our two main men was quite fascinating. I was hooked and devoured the whole trilogy in like a week. I enjoyed the political aspect of it and was seriously hoping for a happy ending for the couple.

Next up I have another duology, this time a retelling of Arabian Nights. I’m talking about The Wrath & The Dawn and The Rose & The Dagger by Renee Ahdieh. Shazi was just an awesome and strong female main character, and I was desperate to find out what would happen with Shazi and Khalid.

My nine pick is actually a standalone, and it is currently being made into a movie and I cannot wait to see it. Again, this is a pick where I own the paperback and the audiobook, and I kind of recommend both reading the book and listening to it. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is a fantastic geeky adventure tale that throws out a mountain of ’80s pop culture references. The audiobook is read by Wil Wheaton and it is just a pure explosion of awesome. This is another book I need to reread soon.

Finally, I have a trilogy–the trilogy from the intro to this post–and I actually still need to read the concluding novel, but I’m just going to include it anyway as I’m sure it will be epic. The Shades of Magic trilogy by V.E. Schwab (A Darker Shade of MagicA Gathering of Shadows, and A Conjuring of Light) was one I was introduced to by a couple BookTubers and I devoured the first two books pretty quickly. We follow Kell, who is a Traveler, and can travel to alternate versions of London, and Lila, who is a thief. Their paths cross and shenanigans happen, and this short little paragraph is not enough to do this trilogy justice, but just go pick it up.

All right, there we go…my current go-to list of book recommendations. This is probably as close as you’ll get to me actually choosing favorites. I’ll have my February wrap-up posted tomorrow, and then hopefully I’ll have a couple reviews up for you all this weekend.

Oh, and feel free to let me know some of your go-to book recommendations in the comments. I’d love to hear what books you suggest that other people check out.

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