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BookTuber Recommendation

Hey all, Dani here.

Okay, so today is sort of another post related to BookExpo and BookCon, but it is more about the book community in general.

Now, I’ve had this book blog for almost a year and a half now, and it is by far the best book blog I’ve done. I had another one that I used for a few years back in college and I was lucky to get a few hits every month. But now I’m trying to be a bit more involved in the book community and make friends with other bloggers and such. That’s why I’m a part of Bookstagram and why I have several bookish people I follow on Twitter and Facebook as well.

There is one area of the book community though, where I’m just starting to be a little more active in, and it’s an area I’ve wanted to join but haven’t yet because I’m nervous about it. And that is BookTube.

I vaguely knew that there were people on YouTube who talked about books, but I had never explored that particular subsection until I started looking into bookish subscription boxes. I saw a few unboxings by BookTubers on the subscription box’s web site and that led me down the rabbit hole. Now there are eight BookTubers I am subscribed to and watch regularly. So I went from nothing to watching all of these great videos in the past year.

Today I want to talk about the BookTubers I enjoy following. I’ll also be including links to each of their channels in case you would like to check them out.

For me it all started with Sasha Alsberg (abookutopia). I was checking out the page for the subscription box Lit-Cube and they were featuring a few unboxing videos on the site and I happened to click on Sasha’s. I liked her energy and excitement and so I went on YouTube and started watching a few other videos and soon enough I had subscribed to her channel.

The next BookTuber I want to talk about is probably my favorite, mostly because I feel like our reading tastes are very similar, so I’ve gotten some really good recommendations from her. I am talking about Regan Perusse (peruseproject). Now, I found Regan because of Sasha. Together the two lovely ladies have a monthly book club called perusetopia, and hearing Sasha talk about her friend Regan, I found myself curious about other BookTubers. My TBR list has grown massive because of Regan, and it’s also because of her that I discovered the joys of buying books from BookOutlet.

From there I don’t know which BookTubers I discovered next but I feel like they all joined my list around the same time, which makes sense as they are friends and even have a monthly book club together. I’ll talk about them each individually in a moment, but for right now I’ll just mention their names: Christine Riccio (polandbananasBOOKS), Kat O’Keefe (katytastic), and Jesse George (jessethereader).

Christine’s videos are just so well made, and her energy and excitement are wonderful. I may be reading a bit more contemporary books mostly because of her but with a little help from other BookTubers as well. When I see a new polandbananasBOOKS video in my subscription feed I get excited, because I know that Christine’s enthusiasm is just going to burst out of the screen. Plus there’s all the book tags and bookish games and such she does on her channel as well. It’s just a lot of fun.

What I enjoy about Kat’s videos, though they are sometimes posted months and months apart, is that she also talks about NaNoWriMo. As a Wrimo myself, I find it nice to connect with others who join that marvelous and hectic writing event. Also, listening to her and a few others speak so highly of certain authors has gotten me to give some of them a second chance.

Then there’s Jesse. Now obviously it is clear that most of the BookTubers I follow are female; for the longest time Jesse was the only exception to this. I just enjoyed some of his skit videos and I liked how he talked about the books and bookish things. There’s a sweet adorableness to his channel. I don’t know how to explain it exactly but I just feel like watching Jesse’s videos is like having a bookish little brother to talk about books with.

Sometime after that I also added Zoe Herdt (readbyzoe) to my list as well. She has recently had a couple hiatuses on her channel, but I still like her content. Okay, I admit it, I may have been attracted to her videos because of seeing her bookshelves in a few of the video thumbnails.

While in a search for more book diversity, I came across Emma Giordano (emmmabooks). She is all about inclusion and diversity in her reading, and she has a big obsession with all the Shadowhunters books by Cassandra Clare. But I like that she features books that talk about mental health issues, and eating disorders, and racial issues or LGBTQIAP+ stories as well as own voices novels. She tries to spread more awareness about these types of stories and I just really appreciate that.

Finally, the reason why I consider this a BookExpo/BookCon relevant post. I saw each of these BookTubers at the convention, though I only really had a brief conversation with Sasha, and even shorter conversations (ie: one question about a book signing line) with Emma and Michael). It was actually seeing all of them at the Javits Center that got me started watching Michael D’Angelo’s (Michael BookLion) videos.

And now I feel bad for not finding Michael’s videos earlier; he is such a fun guy. I’ve lost count of how many of his videos have left me laughing. He’s a bit awkward in the most endearing way. I adore watching his book hauls and subscription box unboxing videos.

So there you have it…a bunch of awesome people who talk about books on YouTube. Are there any BookTubers you follow/like? Let me know about them in the comments.

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