Biannual Bibliothon Summer 2017 TBR

Hey all, Dani here.

So, I don’t know if I’ve really mentioned this before, but I enjoy participating in readathons. Now, I’m pretty decent at keeping a reading schedule most of the time, but there’s just something about a readathon that only increases my productivity. In 2016 I participated in Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon twice and also participated in another 24 hour readathon. This year my first Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon was derailed by a mandatory work day, which was frustrating.

I had heard of the Biannual Bibliothon before but didn’t really participate in it, and even this time around I won’t be able to participate in all parts of the week of challenges because I haven’t yet gotten into BookTube myself. But I can at least attempt the reading challenges and hopefully this will help me manage some of my book reading for review while also squeezing in some fun reading.

The Biannual Bibliothon is hosted over on YouTube by a group of book vloggers–Momo from The Booktube Girl, Catriona from LittleBookOwl, Emma from Emmmabooks, Red from Little Red Reader, Brittni from Brittni’s Book Find, Kelly from Kellys BookSpill, and Kassie from MissSassyKassie–and there is a winter session and a summer session each year. They set a series of reading challenges and video challenges up for participants, and it seems like a pretty fun time. Their announcement for the Summer 2017 session can be found here. This is where I should also include links to the videos for the reading challenges and video challenges.

Looking at the reading challenges for this session, I think I can definitely participate in this week long readathon. First I’ll list off the seven reading challenges and then I’ll let you know what books I’m selecting to hopefully read during the week. Let’s go ahead and jump into the list.

  1. Group read–this is a book that is chosen I believe by a vote and then they encourage everyone to read the book and participate in a discussion of the book after the readathon is over. For this session, the book selected is Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh.
  2. Read a book from one of the host’s favorite genres: Kassie – Magical Realism, Catriona – Historical Fiction (bonus points if it is a WWII read), Brittni – High/Epic Fantasy, Emma – Diverse Books, Kelly – Dystopian/Sci-Fi, Red – Paranormal, and Momo – Urban Fantasy
  3. Read a book that has been or still is banned. The reading challenge video has a whole bunch of links to lists of challenged and/or banned books
  4. Throwback challenge. For this challenge, you can peruse a list of past reading challenges and pick any of them you would like to complete
  5. Book to movie adaptation (read & watch). For this challenge, not only do you need to read a book that has been adapted, but you also get/need to watch the adaptation as well.
  6. Read a book you’ve seen somewhere other than BookTube

This is a great list and it is going to work for me for a few reasons…I still have Flame in the Mist on my TBR and I really want to read it, I have a LGBTQIA+ book to read for review about the same time as the readathon takes place, and when I looked at past challenges there is a previous group read that I need to read so I can dive into the ARC of the sequel.

Now, as per the rules of the readathon you can actually use a book to double up on the reading challenge, but you cannot triple up. Stalking Jack the Ripper is my pick for the Throwback challenge, since I need to read it so that I can pick up my ARC of Hunting Prince DraculaSovereign follows main character Dany Tozer, who is transgender; that means that I am using this book for both LGBTQIA+ and as my pick for a book from Emma’s favorite genre: diverse reads. Obviously Dead Poets Society is my book to movie adaptation pick. Somehow I missed the fact that it was a book, but I love the movie and have been wanting to watch it again for a while now. This is a perfect opportunity. The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue is a book I have seen basically everywhere. It pops up all over my Facebook news feed; I’ve seen it on Bookstagram; It popped up in lists made from Barnes & Noble and other bookish sites; and yes, I have seen it on BookTube too. Still, I have really been wanting to read it and it fits one of the challenges. While Dead Poets Society is also a book that would fit the category of a book that has been banned, I think I’d like to push for a sixth book to read during the week…and I have been wanting to reread Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl anyway. It is also a book that has been banned.

We’ll see if I can actually make it through this list, but I’m feeling pretty decent about my chances.

Are you participating in the Biannual Bibliothon this time around? Let me know in the comments. I would love to follow your progress on any form of bookish social media.

4 thoughts on “Biannual Bibliothon Summer 2017 TBR”

  1. I’m not sure . I guess I’d be more interested in a readathon the book bloggers here organize since that would make keeping up with others schedule easier . But I hope it’s successful for you 🙂

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  2. I’m also participating in this round of BIBIB and I’m so excited. My TBR is going to be up in a couple of days and I have only 5 books on it even though I plan to read more. Also, you picked some great books and I hope you enjoy them!

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