Do you read Dystopian ? I Need You Here!

I always like to support self-published authors, and this book does sound interesting so…here we go with a little signal boosting. Feel free to share to your own social media platforms.

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So you might be wondering why I jumped from being a reviewer to review requester for this once , but I recently fell in love with the blurb of a book and want you guys to read it , too ! ( I mean , I need a fangirl team , right ? )

Recently I was contacted by Michael to read his box set of 3 books and review them. I don’t know why but I was snagged the moment I read the word ‘Arena’ . You all know I love History and ‘Arena’ meant something in history . And there are gladiators ! How can I not fall for it when it has gladiators ?

But the problem is …I’m not accepting e-books right now . Michael is an indie-author and I’m feeling guilty allover because I’m requesting a print copy . So I’m going to be the…

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