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Bookish Academy Awards Tag 2018

Hey all, Dani here. So, last year I did this tag, and I had a fun time with it so I might as well do it again now. The rules are pretty simple. You have a list of categories, similar to those at the Academy Awards, and you choose the winner from the books you… Continue reading Bookish Academy Awards Tag 2018

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What I’m Reading (4)

Hey all, Dani here. As has been my tradition the past few weeks, I'm just going to use Wednesday as a quick update on what I'm reading right now, what I've read since the last post, and what I'm hoping to read very soon. Obviously since my last post, I participated in Readathon by Zoe,… Continue reading What I’m Reading (4)

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Readathon by Zoe Wrap Up

Hey all, Dani here. I've already read as many books in March as I did in the entire month of February, so I'm feeling pretty good about my reading so far. On Saturday, my fiance had a guys only hangout with his friends, which left me free to participate in a 24 Hour readathon, hosted… Continue reading Readathon by Zoe Wrap Up