Danielle Thamasa

Project Death: Resurrection (Project Death #1)

Tamesis always thought that she knew her destiny and she was determined to be the absolute best Resurrector there was.

But, Fate had different plans. On her first heal, Tamesis runs into two mysterious men, and one of them changes everything for her.

Tamesis cannot stop thinking about him and dreaming about him. Then, when the work of the Resurrectors is threatened, the man returns and Tamesis is put on a path that opposes everything she was raised to believe.

Something has twisted the beliefs of the Resurrectors, causing them to stray from their path and become extremists. They were supposed to save those who still had noble work to do, but instead insist that everyone deserves to live until old age.

Now she needs to accept the role she was destined to have, that of the Angel of Death, healing those she can and reaping the souls of those who must die.

Her new position makes her a valuable player in a war that has gone on for centuries, between Resurrectors and those who protect the Balance of Life and Death. It is a dangerous place as the war heats up, threatening to throw everything into chaos.


Signy Cullen

Farther Side of Away

God created Adam and Eve in the beginning as a werewolf and vampire respectively. For their punishment of Original Sin, the generations that followed them would be weaker forms of their species.

Eventually, humans took over and the vampire and werewolves were relegated to the shadows, all while anger and resentment towards a species they consider inferior grew.

After having lived thousands of years on Earth, Adam and Eve begin the war between werewolves and vampires that will see one species the victor. As they wreak havoc on Earth, a terrible secret threatens to emerge and destroy what Adam and Eve fight for: peace in Heaven.

God and the Devil both warn of betrayal, but who will betray who first? Will the first people on Earth ever see the afterlife or will they be doomed to spend all of time on Earth?

Beautiful Liar (The Liar Series #1)

When a prisoner transport bus from the Federal Correctional Institute at Pekin crashes, four dangerous fugitives are on the run. Deputy U.S. Marshal Tim Noonon and his squad are called in to begin the search for the fugitives, but somebody unexpected shows up as well. Six agents from the CIA arrive on scene to take over the search for two of the fugitives.

Deputy Noonan butts heads with the CIA Agent in charge, Special Agent Jane Donner, as the case progresses. Constantly stepping on toes, Agent Donner does what she needs to in order to get the job done. Making friends is not her job, yet she and the other Agents can’t help but come to like the Marshals. What she doesn’t expect is fugitive Rambo Tate.

Rambo Tate, a drug dealer and murderer out of Boston, knows just who Agent Donner really is. If he is allowed to return to Boston, he may just blow Agent Donner’s cover, putting not only her life, but the life of those around her in danger.

It’s a race against the clock as the Marshals and CIA must work together to find the missing criminals. Can the Marshals overcome their distrust of the CIA or will the fugitives disappear?