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Manga Review: Black Clover Vol 8

Hey all, Dani here. I got a few new books on writing and RPG story craft in the mail today, and it seems like they are full of some really great essays, so I'm excited to start reading them. Oh, and I've also figured out my next couple of book purchases, which are also on… Continue reading Manga Review: Black Clover Vol 8

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Weekend Writer: Introduction

Hey all, Dani here. In all honestly the Writer's Symposium at Gen Con had the opposite effect I was hoping for. There were a few interesting things I learned, and it was cool to meet authors who either work as a writer full time or who have a day job and then write on the… Continue reading Weekend Writer: Introduction

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Comic Review: The Mighty Thor Vol 1

Hey all, Dani here. Today I am bringing you a comic/graphic novel review, and I'm excited to share my thoughts on it. Should I make a disclaimer that I just really enjoy superhero stories and so I may be biased towards more positive reviews? I generally don't have negative things to say about these superpowered… Continue reading Comic Review: The Mighty Thor Vol 1

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Discussion: What are some of your favorite books?

Hey all, Dani here. It's Book Lovers' Day, so I figured I would celebrate that with today's discussion topic. I always find it fascinating to see what books really resonate with each of us, what books we consider to be important to our soul, what books we can't help but recommend to others in most… Continue reading Discussion: What are some of your favorite books?

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Weekly Wrap-Up (25)

Hey all, Dani here. I feel like today's wrap up isn't all that exciting of a post. But then again, most of my excitement from the past week centers on our trip to Gen Con, and I've already given you pretty much all the details from that (Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four).… Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up (25)

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Calendar Girls: August 2019

Hey all, Dani here. I'm going to make today's post pretty quick. Because honestly after all the walking and panels and geekery of the past five days, I'm actually super tired, and right now I am finding it difficult to focus on writing up these posts. So I'm going to get this one finished and… Continue reading Calendar Girls: August 2019

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Gen Con – Day Three

Hey all, Dani (and Damian) here. Whew, we're almost at the end of the Gen Con experience. It's always such a great time, but it's also so jam packed with people and stuff to do, so I look forward to this convention, but then I also look forward to just relaxing once it's over. As… Continue reading Gen Con – Day Three

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Review: Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

Hey all, Dani here. It has been another very nice day at Gen Con, but I'm glad we're going to have an early night tonight. Some relaxation at the hotel, especially the hotel hot tub, will be great. All right, well let's just keep moving and grooving with all these posts and reviews and awesomeness.… Continue reading Review: Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

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Gen Con – Day Two

Hey all, Dani (and Damian) here. Typically when it comes to a convention, Saturday is the longest and busiest day. For us at Gen Con this has not been our experience. No, for us Friday is the longest day, thanks to a certain Dungeons & Dragon's show we are huge fans of. Yes, Day Two… Continue reading Gen Con – Day Two

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Gen Con – Day One

Hey all Dani (and Damian) here. It has been a couple eventful days already, but it started with what we'll call Gen Con Day Zero. The day before the convention officially starts is a day to pick up your badge and tickets early, find some awesome random nerds sitting around chatting or playing a game… Continue reading Gen Con – Day One