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Life Updates

Hey all....Sam here. Wow, it kind of feels weird to open with my actual name instead of the pen name I've used online for something like 18 years. But I've done a lot of thinking about it and I'm going to write as myself online from now on. So, I have updated my Twitter and… Continue reading Life Updates

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Let’s Talk Wedding and Honeymoon

Hey all, Dani here. Look at this, four days in a row of having posts up. I think the only reason I'm being this consistent is because I'm catching up on the past few months of events. I think I'm going to start off with my blog schedule for 2022 being that I want to… Continue reading Let’s Talk Wedding and Honeymoon

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September Book Haul and OwlCrate Unboxing

Hey all, Dani here. I had originally thought about keeping up with at least my book hauls each month, but with manufacturing and shipping delays, I started running into my OwlCrates coming either at the very last minute or not until the following month. Speaking of...the December OwlCrate isn't expected to ship until something like… Continue reading September Book Haul and OwlCrate Unboxing

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August Reading Wrap-Up

Hey all, Dani here. So...I disappeared again...sorry. I was so proud of my 36 day blogging streak too. I don't know, my bank of fully written and scheduled posts got smaller and smaller and then the day I was supposed to write the next few posts came and I just wasn't in the mood to… Continue reading August Reading Wrap-Up

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D&D Review: Roll & Play: The Game Master’s Fantasy Toolkit by Sam Bartlett

Hey all, Dani here. You know, when I planned today's book review, I wasn't originally thinking about the fact that it is a Dungeons & Dragons based review, which is silly, because I bought the book to be used by myself and our group's other Dungeon Masters for session planning. But, I guess this does… Continue reading D&D Review: Roll & Play: The Game Master’s Fantasy Toolkit by Sam Bartlett