What I’m Reading

Hey all, Dani here.

Today’s post is going to be a shorter one, but that’s because I pretty much want to spend my afternoon/evening reading. I have a couple books I’m reading right now and I’m really enjoying them, and I have a couple ARCs that I really want to get to soon.

So I’m going to talk about the books I’ve finished recently, the books I’m reading currently, and the books I’m hoping to start next.

My most recent reads were both comic books. One was Saga, Volume 8 by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples, and the other was The Wicked + The Divine, Volume 6 by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, and Matt Wilson. I’ll have to do a comic review for them soon, but I really enjoyed them.

I am currently reading a few books right now. The book I’m currently taking with me to work is Homeland by R.A. Salvatore. It is the first book in the Legend of Drizzt series of books (you know, because 20 hours of D&D each weekend isn’t enough for me apparently. I need to read fiction set in the D&D universe as well).

The other books I am currently focusing on are The Heart Forger by Rin Chupeco, and Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. I loved reading The Bone Witch last year so I was extremely excited to receive an ARC of the sequel, and I will totally have an early review up soon. As for book two of the Illuminae Files, I paused halfway through reading it because I had heard from so many people that the cliffhanger was a big one…and I didn’t want to have to deal with that wait. As the third book is out next month, I think I can finally finish reading it.

Finally, for the books I’m really hoping to read next: well, I have Daughters of the Storm by Kim Wilkins to read thanks to early approval from NetGalley, More Than We Can Tell by Brigid Kemmerer, also because of NetGalley, and then Phantom Pains and Impostor Syndrome by Mishell Baker.

So pretty much I have a lot of great books to read and review coming up for all of you.

And now I’m off to work on reading some more. I’ll see you tomorrow for my next recommendations post.


Comic Review: Vox Machina Origins Issues #3-4

Hey all, Dani here.

I know, what is this awesomeness…three posts in three days. I actually am starting to somewhat feel like a book blogger again. Hopefully I can keep going with more posts. Transitioning back to my old job has not been as easy as I had hoped it would be.

Anyway, obviously I have reviewed every issue of this comic series so far (find my reviews here: issue 1, issue 2, and issue 3–hmm, so apparently I didn’t review that one. I guess I’ll do that now too), so there was no way I was going to skip reviewing the latest installment.

Let’s just get started.



Keyleth and Tiberius find themselves in unsavory company, but that’s the only kind of company to be found in Stilben. Paid by the Clasp to stop the attack on the peasants, our heroes follow their noses and uncover an alchemical laboratory hidden in the city’s sewer.
They arrive to find a pair of half-elves fighting a gnome and a half-giant. With all the people tracking her in one place, the architect of the swamp curse springs her trap…
• Based on the hit show from Geek & Sundry!

The sinister Iselda has captured Vax, and Vex must swallow her pride to ask for aid from other heroes. But when they refuse, Vex decides to retrieve a friend outside of town … but not before Keyleth catches up to her and pledges to help.

My Thoughts

Rating: 5 stars

These comics are just so darn good, especially since the new campaign has begun and we have started with a bunch of all new characters who are only at level 2. It pretty much makes you think back on the early days of Vox Machina, which we never got to actually see on the show, but these comics definitely cover those times.

They aren’t even a group yet. They are three separate groups, but I am really seeing the beginnings of them coming together to become the awesome heroes of Tal’Dorei that they eventually become.

Okay, for those of you who aren’t already aware, this comic series is based on the pre-campaign tales of the group Vox Machina from the web series Critical Role, which is a show where “a group of nerdy ass voice actors sit around and play Dungeons & Dragons.” It has been airing on Geek & Sundry for a couple years now, and it is probably the geek hobby/show/whatever that I’m most passionate about.

I could honestly say so much about what Dungeons & Dragons has done for me or meant to me the past couple years, but that is a whole separate post. Instead, I’ll say that this is a fun way to learn about the characters, and if you give these comics a try and you enjoy what you read, perhaps you should either check out the episodes on Geek & Sundry’s YouTube (there are now 118 of them, and they are typically 3-5 hours each), or you can also get them in a more condensed podcast form (I have heard they are more like 1 hour per episode) found wherever you can listen to podcasts.

Anyway, back to the comic. All the amazing, humorous, and witty dialogue just makes my day. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve chuckled at something one of them says (typically Scanlan, but he’s the bard so it makes sense that he would say some spectacular things). And I actually also really enjoy having Tiberius around; it has shown me how much I miss the early days of the show, though I love all the little story points that happen because Tibsy eventually left.

There are so many great moments in these issues, and then you partner that with fun writing, and wonderful art, and it just makes for a fabulous reading experience…for the roughly 25 pages or so of content that we get in each issue.

Issue #4 is absolutely my favorite of the group so far, but I feel like I say that each time a new one comes out. We get to see Keyleth wild shape into her Minxy form (seen on the cover of Issue #4), and there are some lovely moments with Scanlan and Vax, and Scanlan and Grog. Plus we finally get a wonderful mention of one of my favorite missing members of Vox Machina…namely Vex’s companion animal, who just happens to be a brown bear, though that hasn’t been revealed in the comic yet. It simply ends with her saying she needs to go out to the woods to pick up a trinket she left behind. What is clever about that is that her bear’s name is Trinket, and he is awesome.

So I’m really looking forward to Issue #5 because we’ll get Trinket involved. Though I’m still wondering if we’ll actually get to see Percy in this story arc, because he’s only really been in the intro part of like Issue #1.

I honestly hope that Dark Horse comics decides to give us more than just the 6 issue arc we’re in the middle of currently. There are so many more early adventures for Vox Machina that could be covered, and obviously we Critters will pretty much buy anything related to Critical Role.

Where to Buy

You can pick up this lovely single issue comic (or any of the previous issues) at Amazon, Dark Horse, and Comixology. After the whole 6 issue arc is completed, there will be a bound release available as well.

The Road So Far (2)

Hey all, Dani here.

Why mess with the tradition I started last year? I might as well keep using the awesome “Supernatural” reference for my retrospective over the last year. You can find my overview of 2016 here.

Today also happens to be my 2 year blogaversary. I started this blog in 2016 to help me cope with my paternal grandmother’s death. Well, technically that was the catalyst for starting it; I had been thinking of starting up a blog again for a while because I needed to talk about books with someone.

2017 was such a rollercoaster year for me, and yet, looking back I wouldn’t change any of the lows I went through. Not only because the highs really kept me afloat, but also because the lows allowed me to fully understand how great the highs were.

Anyway, in January I found out that I was approved for the vacation days from work that would allow me to go to Book Expo and BookCon. Though I knew I was going alone, I knew that I would have a fun time surrounded by other book lovers and getting to check out a bunch of upcoming releases.

Also in January, my parents separated after 30 years together, and started the process of getting a divorce. The drama and issues from this event would send shockwaves through roughly 2/3 of the year.

I lost myself in books, both reading them and buying them. I pushed myself to work more on my blog, and to start interacting more with other members of the book community. It was the start to me really feeling like a good book blogger. But in those early months it was also the way I had to cope with what was happening in my life. Well, my books and Dungeons & Dragons.

It was Dungeons & Dragons that introduced me to the man who I would start dating in April. As it turns out this would be the event that helped me get through everything else. Admittedly, I know some people in my real life got annoyed with how much I gushed about my guy and how great things were. I can’t help it that my life started to feel like I was part of a romance story.

After my trip to NYC for Book Expo and BookCon, my blog really started to take off. I reached 100 followers, and later in the year 200. I’m not sure when follower 250 came around, but it might have been just before 2017 ended. So thank you to each and every one of you who has joined me in this process. You are all amazing.

Even with my work and my relationship, I somehow managed to still keep up with all of my reading and blogging, and actually I started having posts go up every single day, something I never would have thought I would be able to do.

I participated in quite a few readathons over the course of the year, from both sessions of Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathons, to a few other assorted events. All in all I think those helped me connect with more of you, and to read a bunch more books. The 24 Hour events always seem much more successful to me than the week long events, but I still keep trying with them. Hey, any excuse to read more, right?

I rekindled my fondness for manga in 2017, and I can honestly say that I am devouring so many of them. My list of manga reviews waiting to be written up is getting decently long.

Oh, and my boyfriend and I were able to go to Indianapolis in August with another friend of ours for a one day pass to Gen Con, which is a gaming convention. There we were able to get a lot of books, dice, and games, as well as to meet the cast of Critical Role. It was a really fun day.

For the 12th time I participated in NaNoWriMo, and managed to earn my 12th win, but I realize that the novel that came out is mostly incoherent. With any luck I’ll be able to start from scratch and re-write the book in 2018. I’d actually love to be able to share it with the world. And it would be nice to really get back into writing (and possibly publishing) again.

And I managed to do a TBR purge and go through a list of well of 800 books on Goodreads, taking it down to just over 400 books. I imagine this will be something I’ll have to do again soon, but I still feel pretty good with where I’m at now.

But, the greatest event of 2017 was towards the end of December. On Friday, December 22nd, on a day when we thankfully had a shutdown day at work, my boyfriend and I went shopping at Barnes & Noble where he both bought more books than me and spent more money than me. You guys, that rarely happens. You’ve seen my typical book hauls. I usually get a heck of a lot of books.

After that shopping trip, we made our way to the zoo, where we walked around for a couple hours, looking at all of the animals and then also checking out the massive holiday light display they put up each year. And it was while sitting on a bench overlooking Conservation Lake at the zoo, that my wonderful boyfriend sank down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was honestly just like a scene out of a Hallmark channel holiday movie, and I so look forward to seeing what our future will be like.

I hope you all had some moments of 2017 that were really nice as well, and I hope that we all have a very nice 2018.


Comic Review: Avatar: the Last Airbender – The Search

Hey all, Dani here.

Wow, can you believe that we’re almost a whole week into the new year already? And here I am still with a huge stack of books from 2017 that I want to review. So I’ll be scattering these review posts throughout the next couple months, sometimes pre-scheduled, and sometimes to fill a gap when necessary. I’m changing shifts and jobs at work starting next week so I’m going to need to figure out a new schedule for reading and blogging.

Having a buffer of posts makes me feel a little better about it all.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure most of you have heard me raving about not just the anime for Avatar, but also this comic book continuation that bridges the gap to Korra. This story arc was the one I was most looking forward to because it focused on Zuko looking for his mom.

So let’s just jump into this.


For years, fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra have burned with one question—what happened to Fire Lord Zuko’s mother? Finding a clue at last, Zuko enlists the aid of Team Avatar—and the most unlikely ally of all—to help uncover the biggest secret of his life.

Enter the Forgetful Valley

As Fire Lord Zuko continues his quest to uncover his mother’s fate, a shocking revelation causes him to question everything he knows. It’s an opportunity that his sister, the deadly and insane Azula, will not fail to take advantage of as she joins Zuko and his friends, Aang, Katara, and Sokka on their journey into a mysterious forest from which some people never reemerge…

The Fate of the Fire Lord!

Avatar Aang travels to the spirit world to parlay with an ancient power, bringing Fire Lord Zuko ever closer to discovering the truth about his mother’s fate—and his own past. Yet Zuko’s sister Azula is becoming increasingly dangerous, threatening to ruin everything that Zuko, Aang, Katara, and Sokka have struggled to achieve on their search!

My Thoughts

Rating: 5 stars

Okay, so again, I got this story in the set of paperback volumes, though you can get a hardcover bind up that has all three together. But seeing as how I feel a need to have matching sets, I had to go with paperback to match my copy of The Lost Adventures. So this story picks up right after The Promise, and features Fire Lord Zuko learning some more information about his mother and asking Team Avatar to help him find her.

Now obviously with Zuko now in charge of the Fire Nation, he can’t just leave his people without leadership. So while he goes on this search, Zuko puts one of my favorite characters, Uncle Iroh, in charge. If you know anything about the show/comics, then you can probably guess what Iroh’s first act is. And if you said to create a Fire Nation Tea Appreciation Day, then you would absolutely be correct. What made that even better is that by the end of this little trilogy/story, it turns out that Tea Appreciation Day was a success. I love that Iroh is such a fan of tea, and I even like that after this is all over, he returns to his tea shop in the Earth Kingdom.

But that is just a tiny little moment in the grand scheme of this tale. I actually really enjoyed that the comics gave us flashback scenes so we could get more information about Zuko’s mom’s past. That was really cool and I liked what it added to the story. And oh man, all the ups and downs of this arc. Whew.

The end of part one left me shocked at a certain revelation, and I had no choice but to immediately grab the second one. Not only were there twists and turns, ups and downs, but there were a number of secrets and lies as well.

I don’t want to say too much more, but I think this was definitely my favorite trilogy from the comics (though I still have two of the trilogies to read, so that statement could change). If you are a fan of Avatar and Korra, then I absolutely recommend that you pick up this series.

Where to Buy

You can pick up Avatar: the Last Airbender – The Search from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million, Book Depository, Comixology, or your local independent book store (or maybe even comic store).


Comic Review: Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Promise

Hey all, Dani here.

So I totally started devouring these comics after I finished watching the entire series, and they are so entertaining. Now, I will say that you can get all three parts of the story in one volume in hardcover, BUT, I needed them to match the copy of The Lost Adventures I had and that one was only released in paperback. For that reason (and the fact that each volume is only around 70 pages long, I’m just going to review them together as one story.


The war is over…but the adventure has just begun!

Picking up exactly where Avatar: The Last Airbender left off. The Promise takes Aang to a Fire Nation colony in the heart of the Earth Nation, where tensions between neighbors threaten to shatter the world’s newfound peace–putting the Avatar on a collision course with one of his closest friends, Fire Lord Zuko!

The Avatar’s greatest adventure continues!

Aang and Katara work tirelessly to prevent a dispute between Fire Lord Zuko and Earth King Kuei that could plunge the world back into war! Meanwhile, Sokka helps Toph prepare her hapless first class of metalbending students to defend their school against a rival class of firebenders!

The final chapter!

The Harmony Restoration Movement has failed, and the world is plunged back into war! In the midst of the battle, can Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko mend the rift between them, or will Aang be forced to take actions that can’t be undone?

My Thoughts

Rating: 5 stars

I was so pleased to find that this comic literally starts right where the show ends. Because as anyone who has read a lot of books or watched a lot of shows or movies can tell you, just because the big battle has been won, does not mean that peace reigns supreme and everyone is happy. No, obviously it will take a bit of time for the new society and hopeful peace to form and spread.

That is where the comic truly picks up, and it is interesting to see. Honestly after adding a little bit to the concluding scenes of the show, the comic then jumps ahead about a year, which is fine because then we get to see how Team Avatar is handling the transition with the Harmony Restoration Movement. One colony is still holding out in the Earth Kingdom, one of the first Fire Nation colonies that settled at the beginning of the Hundred Year War. For those citizens this colony is their home; they have been living there for generations.

This makes things problematic between Earth King Kuei and Fire Lord Zuko. Kuei is trying to stand up for his people and get the Fire Nation out, but Fire Lord Zuko is trying to stand up for his people who don’t want to leave what has become their home. And Aang is stuck in the middle trying to find a peaceful resolution to the matter. I think the resolution could have come a lot sooner if Kuei, Zuko, and Aang would have just met with the people of the colony and listened to what they wanted, but that wouldn’t have added much conflict to the story.

The one thing that kind of bothers me with these is just how frequently Aang and Katara call each other “sweetie.” Seriously, they do it constantly. And I get it; they’re in a relationship but that doesn’t mean that we need to be pounded over the head with the lovey-dovey pet names for each other. It’s enough to have frames of them holding hands or supporting one another, and okay, the occasional term of endearment.

But I did enjoy this story, and I think it left off at a very interesting place, where I was super excited to jump into the next story arc. Because the next set of stories–The Search–follows Zuko’s search for his mother.

Where to Buy

You can pick these up from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million, Book Depository, Comixology, or your local indie bookstore.


Comic Review: Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Lost Adventures

Hey all, Dani here.

Okay, so my boyfriend recently got me to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender and we managed to finish the entire series with just a few weekends, and we just started watching The Legend of Korra, but hearing that the comic books bridge the gap between the two series, I wanted to start reading them too.

This collection however, is a bunch of stories that were released while the show was originally airing, and they are just some fun quick little tales that expand on what happens during or in-between some of the episodes.



For three years, millions of eager fans tuned in to watch new episodes of Nickelodeon’s hit animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Ever since, fans have been hungry for more, and now their wait is finally over!

This volume collects the long-out-of-print, fan-favorite comics previously published in Nickelodeon Magazine and with the Airbender DVDs, plus over seventy brand-new comics pages. That’s twenty-six stories set in Airbender continuity, by a host of top-notch talent, many of whom worked on the original animated series!

* A must-have for any Airbender fan!

* Twenty-six in-continuity stories, plus bonus content!

* The latest release in an ongoing partnership between Nickelodeon and Dark Horse, to bring you the very best in Airbender books!

My Thoughts

Rating: 5 stars

So I enjoyed this collection of stories, and I even like that they divided them into three sections, one for each season of the show. It makes it easier to determine where each story takes place within the continuity of the episodes.

Honestly, I don’t know that they really added much to the viewing experience, but they were entertaining. And really, that’s all you can ask for with this, to be entertained.

One of my favorite stories had to be the one where Sokka pretends to be the Avatar, and Aang, Katara, and Toph help him with charade…at least until real danger from the Fire Nation arrives. I won’t spoil it for you but the ending was quite amusing.

Another fantastic story has Toph facing off against Bumi to see who is the greatest Earthbender, a fight that ends in a draw due to the strength of their bending and the destruction to the nearby area.

Both of these stories probably would have made for great episodes in the show, but I understand that not everything can be fit into the story arc of a season.

Basically, I definitely recommend this book and any of the other comics to fans of “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” It is a really quick read, but it’s also a nice way to revisit the characters and the world.

Where to Buy

You can pick up this collection of adventures from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million, Book Depository, Comixology, or your local indie book store.

So, I have a question…I’m reading these Avatar comics pretty quickly, as well as volumes of manga for My Hero Academia, Fairy Tail, and Fullmetal Alchemist. Would you guys like to see reviews for each one or would you rather I combine a few volumes together? Right now I have enough tags, recommendations, and reviews to hold me over for the next couple of months. Honestly having a bank of reviews could be helpful as I transition into 2018 and find myself changing positions and shifts at work. I already know that I’m going to have to figure out a new reading, writing, and blogging schedule for 2018. Anyway, your opinion would be most helpful, so let me know your thoughts in the comments. Thanks everyone!


Comic Review: Runaways Complete Collection Vol 1

Hey all, Dani here.

Recently I posted a graphic novel recommendations list, and in the comments, it was recommended that I try Runaways. It was already on my radar because of the Hulu series, but this solidified the decision that I was going to try it. Needless to say, I flew through the first volume and will have to pick up the next one sometime in the near future.



They were six normal teenagers linked only by their wealthy parents’ annual business meeting…until a chance discovery revealed the shocking truth: their parents are the secret criminal society known as the Pride! For years, the Pride controlled all criminal acti vity in Los Angeles, ruling the city with an iron fist…and now, with their true natures exposed, the Pride will take any measures necessary to protect their organizati on – even if it means taking out their own children! Now on the run from their villainous parents, Nico, Chase, Karolina, Gertrude, Molly and Alex have only each other to rely on. COLLECTING: RUNAWAYS (2003) 1-18

My Thoughts

Rating: 4 stars

I’ve said it before and I know I’ll say it again many more times in the future: I love superpower stories and/or superhero stories. I have devoured them since I was a kid, and that fondness for them has only developed and grown in the years since. Nowadays I read books as well as comics and manga about superheroes and I watch superhero TV shows and movies. My Christmas tree has hero/geeky ornaments on it.


So I already figured that I would enjoy the story of Runaways. Then add to all of that the fact that the series was created by Brian K Vaughan, who also created Saga, a comic/graphic novel series I also really enjoy. It seemed like a win-win for me.

I’m also super glad that this collection featured the entire first arc of the story. There was a definitive beginning, middle, and end to the main plot, and then the ending left you with the understanding that the characters were running off again and that would lead to more adventures.

There were a lot of characters and also a lot of plotting between different groups of characters. Sometimes it felt a bit too jumbled up, but I figured things out fairly well. The blend of personalities and abilities in the teenagers was wonderful and diverse, which I appreciate.

Oh…and can we talk about the fact that there are six main characters and FOUR of them are female? Unless it’s a group like the Amazons of Themyscira or the Birds of Prey, you don’t really see that many female dominated groups. I loved that aspect of this series.

I will say that the timeline felt a bit confusing to me. To me over the course of this collection it felt like maybe a couple of weeks, but based on some of the comments made by some of the characters I guess it was actually a couple of months.

It was cool to watch as the teens began to figure out there abilities and also started learning more about what their parents were up to. The teenage drama was pretty fun, and man…that betrayal. I should have figured out who the mole was before it was actually revealed. But I enjoyed that it was as much a surprise to me as it was to everyone else in the group.

So this was a fun adventure and I’m looking forward to giving the Hulu series a try. Based on the trailer it seems to be a pretty decent adaptation, and it looks like the casting choices are spot on.

Where to Buy

You can pick up this collected edition from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million, Book Depository, or your local indie bookstore.


Recommendations: Diverse Reads

Hey all, Dani here.

Today’s post may include books I’ve mentioned before, but I’m going to bring them up again anyway, because I think we need more diverse books out in the world. Oh, and I should also once again say that I am participating in Diverse December, hosted by Kathy over at Books & Munches, so you can find my TBR post here, and also go and check out Kathy’s original post about the reading challenge.

And now let’s just jump into my book recommendations.

Okay, so I know that the Captive Prince trilogy isn’t for everyone, especially as it does start out as a master-slave romance, but what develops from that is a rather interesting m/m partnership that I honestly devoured so quickly.

Obviously I have talked about the Rat Queens a few different times, but that’s because they are awesome. Also, it doesn’t really seem like anyone even cares that the people in these comics are of different races or that they are LGBTQ+. It’s almost like there is a world where people just accept the diverse nature of the world and that’s fine.

Then there’s the Lumberjanes, and these girls are from different walks of life, but they all support each other and the differences they each have. Plus in later volumes a f/f relationship really starts to develop and it’s just great.

And I know I’ve talked about the Arcadia Project series before, because of how much the first book impressed me. I loved that basically each of the main cast of characters was dealing with a different mental health issue, such as our main protagonist being a double amputee who deals with borderline personality disorder. It is something I feel we don’t see enough in books.

With The Wicked + The Divine series, there are different races, religions, sexual orientations and more. What do you expect when you toss in various mythological gods? Their standards are much different from those of modern society.

Then there’s the Wayfarers series, and I’m hoping to read the second book next month, but the first one definitely rocketed up my list of favorite reads last year. Set in space, there are a lot of different alien races. There’s also different sexualities, religions, philosophies, lifestyles, etc. Oh, and I obviously recommend getting the UK edition because the starry sky cover is–in my opinion–far superior to the US cover.

Next is the Nemesis series, which features transgender superhero Dany Tozer. I know I’ve raved about this book before, but what Dany goes through in this book really showcases some of the ways people seem to respond when someone identifies in a different manner.

Speaking of transgender reads, I also have to mention this book, The Art of Being Normal, because it was a really interesting read. This was a lovely book about being true to yourself, and friendship, and there were hints of romance but that wasn’t the focus of the story. From the beginning main character David makes it clear that though born male, she wants to be a girl. It takes making a new friend named Leo to really get David to open up and speak out about the life that she wants.

I’m relatively new to the Bitch Planet series, but man it features a diverse cast of women. All different body types and mentalities, as well as different different sexual orientations and racial and religious differences.

I read Autoboyography a couple months ago and loved it. I think the handling of bisexuality and homosexuality while also showcasing some of the issues with religion make this a read I definitely recommend. Plus, I have to give a wonderful shout-out to main protagonist Tanner’s family for how wonderfully supportive they were of him.

Finding a book with an aesexual main character feels all too rare (at least to me), but definitely in more mainstream or popular book publications, but that’s exactly what Tash Hearts Tolstoy does. Plus for those of us in the book community, I think we will connect with Tash making a modern adaptation web series of Anna Karenina.

Then there’s any book by Adam Silvera. I discovered his books last year and then met him at Barnes & Noble’s Teen Book Fest at my local store, and he is just an awesome guy. And I think his books are fantastic and usually include nice racial and sexual diversity, and his books take you on an emotional roller coaster ride so…win-win, right? I mean, unless you don’t like books that make you cry.


Absolutely any of Rick Riordan’s books, but especially from the Heroes of Olympus series to the Magnus Chase trilogy or The Trials of Apollo. Uncle Rick includes a wide variety of races, genders, sexualities, religions, and even different forms of mental health or physical ability. And he does it so well. Seriously, his books may be aimed towards 10-14 year olds, but I am almost 30 years old and if I see a new Rick Riordan book in the works, it is automatically added to my TBR.

I think that’s about all for now. Obviously there are a lot more diverse reads out there, and I’m hoping to highlight many more next month as I participate in Diverse December, which is being hosted by Kathy over at Books & Munches. You can find my TBR for the month here.

Oh, and let me know some of your diverse reading recommendations down in the comments.