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Weekly Wrap-Up (65)

Hey all, Dani here. I'm actually pretty excited today. My friends at Colorworld Books have been doing these cool online convention experiences with panels featuring voice actors, and you can also buy 1-on-1 video chats and signed metal art prints from the actors, and today features Cherami Leigh, Brittney Karbowski, and David Wald, three voice… Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up (65)

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Colorworld Readalong – Book One Schedule

Hey all, Dani here. I'm going to be honest...I feel wonderfully obsessed at the moment and it is actually invigorating and making me feel like I can do amazing things. Seriously, listening to the¬†Lumaworld audiobook last week, as well as watching more "Fairy Tail," and then thinking about "Black Clover" and "My Hero Academia"...all of… Continue reading Colorworld Readalong – Book One Schedule

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Weekly Wrap-Up (64)

Hey all, Dani here. I actually got a pretty good sleep in today, which feels nice. But I'm still waiting to find out exactly what's going to happen for me at work. Will they keep me on the night shift? Will I go back to day shift? The uncertainty makes it a little difficult to… Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up (64)

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Colorworld Series Readalong

Hey all, Dani here. I hope you are all having a nice Sunday. I've been pretty darn lazy so far today...a whole lot of video gaming and binge watching TV. But I just read a whole book (184 pages), so I guess that's progress. I'd like to read another book or two today, though, so… Continue reading Colorworld Series Readalong