Review Policy

Hey all, Dani here.

Okay, so apparently all the good professional book blogs have a review policy up, and it’s about time I post one up of my own.

Most all of the books I have reviewed in the past are ones I buy myself. Exceptions being books that I receive through NetGalley, a Goodreads giveaway, etc, or occasionally directly from the author, and I will always disclose if I received the book for free in exchange for a review.

I am always honest about my reviews. If you don’t believe me, check out the review I gave my own book. If I can take an objective look at a book I spent years creating and editing, then I guarantee that I’ll be objective towards all other books as well.

As to genres of books I will or won’t accept…I mostly read fantasy and paranormal, with some science fiction, contemporary, or historical mixed in. Most of the time I don’t read books that are purely a mystery or thriller. However, if a story sounds interesting then I will pick it up regardless of the genre.

Lately I’ve been more into reading physical copies of books, but I have a NOOK tablet and I’ve downloaded the Kindle app to both my phone and my tablet, so I’m capable of reading e-books as well.

I’m a self-published author myself, so I love supporting my fellow self-pubbed and indie authors. Again, if your book sounds interesting to me then I’ll likely check it out, provided my life and reading schedule don’t become problematic.

My time frame for reviews is not wholly set in stone. I really try to have the review out by publication day (for early reviews) and as soon as I can manage with already released books. I’m going to try to arrange my review schedule so I can try to get my reviews up a week or so before release day when possible. Again, if you have a specific time you’d like the review to show up, let me know, and I will definitely try to make that happen.

Here’s the hard part for me…the rating system. For galleys and ARCs, I do not base my rating on spelling and grammar, because I understand that there’s typically still another editing pass or two before publication. Even with released books, I only deduct from the rating if the spelling and grammar are atrocious. Typically my rating falls in the 3 to 5 star range, depending on how invested I am in the characters and the plot. Oh, and I very rarely DNF a book. I don’t believe that you can honestly rate/review a book if you didn’t finish it.

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