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The Ultimate Recommendations Book Tag

Hey all, Dani here. Well things are about to get real interesting around me. The county I live in in Ohio just got its first confirmed case of COVID-19, but as of right now, my workplace is still open. We'll see if that changes by the end of the weekend. Is it wrong that I'm… Continue reading The Ultimate Recommendations Book Tag

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Recommendations: Middle Grade

Hey all, Dani here. apparently I have not done a Middle Grade recommendations post before. My mind lied to me because I felt certain that I had done this theme a couple years ago, but I guess not. On the plus side, it means that I definitely have a lot of options to choose… Continue reading Recommendations: Middle Grade

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Hey all, Dani here. I want to read more books while on my winter shutdown from work, and so I just decided a couple hours ago that I want to create/host a readathon...because, why not? So, I love the idea of the Christmas Book Flood, and for the past few years I've wanted to spend… Continue reading #JolabokaflodReadathon

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Graphic Novel Review: Horizontal Collaboration by Navie and Carole Maurel

Hey all, Dani here. Today's review comes with a tiny bit of a disclaimer. I was contacted at the end of November by Korero Press because they had seen my content on Mousai Books and thought that I would be interested in reading and reviewing one of their newer graphic novel releases. It sounded pretty… Continue reading Graphic Novel Review: Horizontal Collaboration by Navie and Carole Maurel