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November Book Haul and OwlCrate Unboxing

Hey all, Dani here. Hey, it's my last post of the year! I wish I had posted more regularly through the year, but sometimes life happens. As a reminder, my December Book Haul post will probably be mid-to-late January, as I am waiting for the arrival of my December OwlCrate, which they currently estimate as… Continue reading November Book Haul and OwlCrate Unboxing

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Let’s Talk Wedding and Honeymoon

Hey all, Dani here. Look at this, four days in a row of having posts up. I think the only reason I'm being this consistent is because I'm catching up on the past few months of events. I think I'm going to start off with my blog schedule for 2022 being that I want to… Continue reading Let’s Talk Wedding and Honeymoon

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August Reading Wrap-Up

Hey all, Dani here. So...I disappeared again...sorry. I was so proud of my 36 day blogging streak too. I don't know, my bank of fully written and scheduled posts got smaller and smaller and then the day I was supposed to write the next few posts came and I just wasn't in the mood to… Continue reading August Reading Wrap-Up

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Weekly Wrap-Up (90)

Hey all, Dani here. Okay, so this last week has been a little better on the mental health side of things, honestly. Yes, I still had quite a few overtime hours for work, including last Saturday, but I was able to read a bit more, and we got our Dungeons & Dragons group together for… Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up (90)

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Graphic Novel Review: The Weirn Books – Be Wary of the Silent Woods by Svetlana Chmakova

Hey all, Dani here. I am so excited for our upcoming "vacation"! Would it be more appropriate to call it a staycation? See, I'm unsure, because we're going to a hotel...but then we're just staying in the hotel for a virtual convention. The hotel as a location will just give us access to reliable internet… Continue reading Graphic Novel Review: The Weirn Books – Be Wary of the Silent Woods by Svetlana Chmakova

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Calendar Girls July 2020

Hey all, Dani here. We are over halfway through the year. Goodness gracious, where has the time gone. But also, can this nightmare year be over already? With everything happening it is making me even more anxious about the fact that Damian and I are supposed to get married in October. If the world keeps… Continue reading Calendar Girls July 2020

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May Wrap-Up and June TBR

Hey all, Dani here. Wow, we are almost halfway through the year. It honestly feels like this year has been both incredibly fast and agonizingly slow. And 2020 just continues to be a dumpster fire, definitely more here in the US than in the rest of the world, but I think we can all agree… Continue reading May Wrap-Up and June TBR

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The Ultimate Recommendations Book Tag

Hey all, Dani here. Well things are about to get real interesting around me. The county I live in in Ohio just got its first confirmed case of COVID-19, but as of right now, my workplace is still open. We'll see if that changes by the end of the weekend. Is it wrong that I'm… Continue reading The Ultimate Recommendations Book Tag

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Recommendations: Middle Grade

Hey all, Dani here. apparently I have not done a Middle Grade recommendations post before. My mind lied to me because I felt certain that I had done this theme a couple years ago, but I guess not. On the plus side, it means that I definitely have a lot of options to choose… Continue reading Recommendations: Middle Grade

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Hey all, Dani here. I want to read more books while on my winter shutdown from work, and so I just decided a couple hours ago that I want to create/host a readathon...because, why not? So, I love the idea of the Christmas Book Flood, and for the past few years I've wanted to spend… Continue reading #JolabokaflodReadathon