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Manga Review: Black Clover Vol 2

Hey all, Dani here.

It is Monday, which means that it is once again time for me to talk about manga. With my manga review backlog, I still have a few more months worth of posts, and naturally I will be reading more manga in that time, so frankly this series appears to be one that will be sticking around for the foreseeable future.

I hope you all are enjoying these manga and comic reviews that I post as well. I like the variety of reviewing all the different material I read, instead of just books. Coming soon I also have a couple reviews that will talk about not just the book but also the movie adaptations, so stay tuned.

Okay, let’s jump into the review.



Asta is a young boy who dreams of becoming the greatest mage in the kingdom. Only one problem-he can’t use any magic! Luckily for Asta, he receives the incredibly rare five-leaf clover grimoire that gives him the power of anti-magic. Can someone who can’t use magic really become the Wizard King? One thing’s for sure-Asta will never give up!

On the orders of the Wizard King, Asta and his allies head to a mysterious dungeon to retrieve a powerful relic. However, when mages from a rival country show up, this mission turns into an all-out battle. Can Asta lead his team to victory? 

My Thoughts

Rating: 5 stars

Okay, so I read this particular volume last month during the latest session of Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. This was a manga/anime that my fiance and I just decided to try on a whim. I think we watched one episode and then I immediately bought the first volume. I now own five volumes, but I have plans to catch up with the series soon enough.

So I’ll be honest. I think Asta grows on you. He is so loud and enthusiastic. His determination is actually quite remarkable. I think I could put him on par with Natsu from Fairy Tail when it comes to that willpower and drive to never give up. I want to see him figure out his antimagic grimoire and succeed. If he does manage to become the Wizard King, then it would be highly impressive.

I actually like that while the bond of Asta and Yuno is still a big part of the story, we are getting a lot of time of Asta with the Black Bulls. And it is really interesting to get to learn more about each of the members of the Black Bulls, as well as to see how they interact with the other groups, from within their country and from the neighboring countries.

This volume really starts to expand the world more, and I am excited to see what will happen next.

Where to Buy

You can pick up this volume of Black Clover from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million, Book Depository, or your local indie bookstore.

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Manga Review: No. 6, Vol.1

Damian Trypp  here again with my first manga review. Been a little bit since the book review I did. Okay so this little title I grabbed during a sale going on and the back synopsis got my attention. I have gotten a hold of a few titles I have yet to read and get reviews on though I think a game or movie review might be in order next. With the passing of our beloved Stan Lee my love for reading comics and watching everything dealing with all of our favorite heroes has only strengthened. I hope to pass on the love for books and everything nerd to others with the vigor I’ve come to expect of so many others. Well without further ado my review of No. 6, Volume 1.

No. 6 Volume 1 cover



For Shion, an elite student in the technologically sophisticated city No. 6, life is carefully choreographed. School, study, and the occasional visit with his friend and classmate Safu. One fateful day, however, he takes a misstep, sheltering an injured boy his age from a typhoon. Known only as Rat, this boy is a VC – a fugitive living outside the computerized tapestry of city control – and helping him will throw Shion’s life into chaos and start him down a path to discovering the appalling secrets behind the superficial perfection of No. 6.


Rating: 5 stars

Okay so this one I was actually a little iffy about when I grabbed it from the shelf on my trip to a somewhat local Barnes and Noble. I read the back cover and decided to take a chance and guys I did not regret it. In a short span I got a good take on the type of person the main character Shion is as well as how mysterious and dark the city he lives in really is. Just for helping a single person, his life and the life of his mother were put backwards by the very city he had grown up loving. The fact that some of the aspects of this city could very well be a future that we end up being in one day was slightly unnerving. However as I continued reading I found myself wanting more and more until I reached that very sad moment when I realized there was no more. The manga was over and I once again found one that I would definitely like to continue to read and hopefully continue to enjoy.


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What I’m Reading (39)

Hey all, Dani here.

Greetings and welcome to yet another Wednesday reading update post. I’m just a couple months away from this post series being a year old. I’m really glad that doing a weekly reading check-in has helped me keep posting, even as I continue to struggle to find a good balance between work, life, reading, and blogging. But I guess this is the new normal.

I think I’m going to end up prepping up a ton of posts soon-ish. Thanksgiving is coming, so holiday from work, but then Black Friday is the next day, and I try to avoid going anywhere near a store. Then in December the factory is pretty much closed from Christmas to the New Year, so I should have some days/time to try and catch up on my massive backlog of reviews and the like. Hopefully.

Anyway, this post is where I talk about the books I have finished reading over the past week, the books I am currently reading, and the books I hope to start reading soon. So, let’s just start talking about books.

I don’t really have many books to report in this post. All I can say is that I re-read Amazing Fantastic Incredible A Marvelous Memoir by Stan Lee and Peter David and Colleen Doran. This was an absolutely necessary read for me right now, considering that the wonderful Mr. Lee passed away on Monday.


I’ll likely have a review for his memoir up this week because I’m grieving his loss and need to talk about him and what Marvel comics have meant to me.

I’m still working on reading the same books I was last week: Escaping From Houdini by Kerri Maniscalco and Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon. But I have added one of my most highly anticipated releases to my current reading list: Seasons Turning by Donaya Haymond.


Have I technically read this book a few times already? Well, yes, but Donaya has informed me that she made a few big changes in editing since the last time I read it. So I am very much looking forward to enjoying this story all over again.

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Manga Review: My Hero Academia Vol 12

Hey all, Dani here.

It is Monday once again, and that means it is time for another Manga Monday review post. I really should sit down for a couple hours and write up a bunch of these posts, because I read quite a few volumes of manga, and sometimes it leads to weeks or months before I get around to writing and posting the review. So sometimes I feel like the reviews could be a lot better instead of good yet generic.



Midoriya inherits the superpower of the world’s greatest hero, but greatness won’t come easy.

What would the world be like if 80 percent of the population manifested superpowers called “Quirks”? Heroes and villains would be battling it out everywhere! Being a hero would mean learning to use your power, but where would you go to study? The Hero Academy of course! But what would you do if you were one of the 20 percent who were born Quirkless?

Class 1-A is working on developing their ultimate moves—a process that will test their strength and creativity in all-new ways! To help them out, Mei Hatsume, a student from the Support Class, is brought in to develop improvements to their costumes. The attention from Mei might be more than Midoriya can handle, but he’ll need every edge he can get to pass the next hurdle for the students of U.A.—the Provisional Licensing Exam!

My Thoughts

Rating: 5 stars

Ultimate moves. The return of Mei from the Support Class. The preparation for the Provisional Licensing Exam. Things are getting really interesting in this series, not that they weren’t interesting before. I just continue to be hooked by this series.

Oh, and to bring up my point about needing to be better about at least writing these reviews out closer to the time I finish reading volumes, I read this one back in July. Welcome to November, when the review is finally going up. I guess, on the plus side, I was also keeping up with the anime, so I experienced this part twice, so it isn’t completely shoved into the back of my mind.

I think working on their ultimate moves and figuring out what changes need to be made to their outfits is an intriguing one. It is cool to see the characters think about everything they have been through, and to see them identify strengths and weaknesses in their own abilities so they can find decent countermeasures.

Midoriya now focusing on his legs more than his arms leads him to some training with Iida, which I think is a pretty smart move.

And oh my goodness, Mei is such a persistent and slightly crazy character. But I enjoy her so much. She is obviously very into making all sorts of gadgets to help heroes. Making good products only means that she will be more successful in her own life and career. Even when she goes overboard, it is absolutely fascinating. And her interactions with her teacher because of all of it is amusing to me.

When I read this I remember being excited to see what would come in the Provisional Licensing Exam. I have gotten so attached to pretty much all of the characters, and it just makes it to where I want to see them succeed, even when the stakes seem pretty high or near impossible. It keeps me waiting for the release of the next volume so I can learn more. Quite simply, I love this series.

Where to Buy

You can pick up this and all other released volumes of My Hero Academia from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million, Book Depository, or your local indie bookstore.

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October Wrap Up and November TBR

Hey all, Dani here.

I had to mostly pre-write this post, because it is now (or will be when this post goes live) November and I need to prioritize writing my novel over writing my blog or reading for fun. So I don’t know if I’m going to have a huge TBR for this month. But that’s okay, because my wrap-up for October should show that I did plenty of reading.

Endless Quest: Big Trouble by Matt Forbeck (5 stars)

Endless Quest: To Catch A Thief by Matt Forbeck (5 stars)

Fierce Fairytales: Poems and Stories to Stir Your Soul by Nikita Gill (5 stars)

Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion Fire and Beauty (4 stars)

My Hero Academia, Volume 15 by Hideo Horikoshi (5 stars)

My Hero Academia Vigilantes, Volume 2 by Hideyuki Furuhashi (5 stars)

Fairy Tail Zero by Hiro Mashima (5 stars)

Fairy Tail, Volume 3 by Hiro Mashima (5 stars)

Rule by Ellen Goodlett (4.5 stars)

The Girl from the Other Side: Siuil a Run, Volume 1 by Nagabe (5 stars)

The Girl from the Other Side: Siuil a Run, Volume 2 by Nagabe (5 stars)

The Girl from the Other Side: Siuil a Run, Volume 3 by Nagabe (5 stars)

The Girl from the Other Side: Siuil a Run, Volume 4 by Nagabe (5 stars)

The Girl from the Other Side: Siuil a Run, Volume 5 by Nagabe (5 stars)

All the Feels by Danika Stone (5 stars)

Black Clover, Volume 2 by Yuki Tabata (5 stars)

Black Clover, Volume 3 by Yuki Tabata (5 stars)

Estranged by Ethan M Aldridge (4 stars)

The Cardboard Kingdom by Chad Sell (4 stars)

The Monster of Selkirk: The Duality of Nature by C.E. Clayton (4.5 stars)

Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa (5 stars)

Black Bird of the Gallows by Meg Kassel (4 stars)

Make a Nerdy Living: How to Turn Your Passions Into Profit, with Advice from Nerds Around the Globe by Alex Langley (4 stars)

Whew…that was a nice list of books finished this month. I am also trying to prep up a bunch of reviews from all of these reads so they can be posted throughout the month and beyond. I actually have a huge list of reviews I need to write, so I may have quite a few posts coming for the rest of the year.

Okay, now onto what I’ve watched this month. Honestly, not nearly as much as everything I’ve read. So let’s just jump into the list: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl — 4.5 stars, The Magicians, season 2 — 5 stars, Hocus Pocus — 5 stars, Halloweentown — 5 stars, Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge — 5 stars, The Spiderwick Chronicles — 4.5 stars.

Obviously I have my usual ongoing watches, namely Fairy Tail and Critical Role Campaign 2. The Fairy Tail watch has slowed down a little bit, because I watch it with my fiance and he has recently been distracted by the new Spider-Man video game.

It’s book haul time!

Oh, and if I’m talking about my book haul from October, I guess I should also briefly mention my unhaul from October as well. I ended up removing 94 books from my library.

Now this is where my wrap-up post usually features my monthly Owlcrate unboxing…but my post office delivered my Owlcrate to another apartment in my building, and the package was apparently stolen from that other apartment’s doorstep. I was so excited about the October box too. It featured exclusive Owlcrate editions of both Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa and Pride by Ibi Zoboi. So I have filed a stolen package claim because the package was insured, but since the box was sold out, I’m betting I won’t be able to get the lovely signed editions anymore.

Finally, it is time for my November TBR. This is definitely a tentative TBR, because I should spend more time focusing on writing than reading. But the next round of the Manga Madness readathon is coming up next week, and I still have a decent stack of books I’d really like to read, so…these are books that I may or may not get around to this month.

Okay, well that is all for today, but I’ll be back soon with more bookish content.

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Manga Review: Fairy Tail Vol 1

Hey all, Dani here.

It is finally time that I start reviewing this amazingly wonderful series. Honestly, everyone, I can’t even begin to admit how many times this series has made me laugh, made me cry, made me hopeful, and more than anything, makes me dream of a better world. So if this review devolves into me just rambling and gushing about this series…well, sorry, not sorry. Okay, let’s just get started.




Celestial wizard Lucy wants to join the Fairy Tail, a club for the most powerful wizards. But instead, her ambitions land her in the clutches of a gang of unsavory pirates led by a devious magician. Her only hope is Natsu, a strange boy she happens to meet on her travels. Natsu’s not your typical hero, he gets motion sickness, eats like a pig, and his best friend is a talking cat. With friends like this, is Lucy better off with her enemies?

My Thoughts

Rating: 5 stars

I’ll be completely honest as I start this review…I watched the first season of Fairy Tail twice before I finally started picking up the manga. So I was already pretty familiar with the story that I was about to read. But I can also say that it was still such a joy to experience all over again.

I love watching as Lucy meets Natsu and Happy, and then seeing her explain wizard guilds to them, all the while talking about how she dreams of joining the coolest and best guild out there…Fairy Tail. But of course, at that point she doesn’t know that Natsu and Happy are part of that very guild.

From the beginning it is clear that the members of Fairy Tail are very defensive of their guild. But it is admirable to already see just how loyal they are to the ideals of the guild. And oh man, all the destruction that Natsu causes. He is such a powerful wizard, with a tendency to go so overboard, and that doesn’t even seem to phase him.

I also greatly enjoy that this first volume lays down so many plot threads that will develop and grow as the series progresses. The main one being Natsu’s hunt for Igneel. But with each new member of Fairy Tail that we are introduced to, more fascinating backstories and plot points are introduced. It is just so interesting.

I am so glad that I listened to my friends Brad and Rachel of Colorworld Books and finally gave this series a try. It has become one of my absolute favorite series, whether we are talking about the manga or the anime.

Fairy Tail is a series I will probably never stop talking about, now that I have become so entrenched in the fandom. There are a few books/shows/movies that I will always have on my recommendations list, and Fairy Tail hits that list for both manga and anime. So if you are looking to get into manga, give a volume or two a try, or if you’d prefer to watch something, there are nearly 300 episodes, so try out a couple episodes. Perhaps you’ll find that you enjoy this series as much as I do.

Where to Buy

You can pick up your own copy of this first volume from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million, Book Depository, or your local indie bookstore or comic store.

Oh, and as a side note, Barnes & Noble is having a sale on Kodansha comics until October 30th. You can buy two and get the third one free, and since Fairy Tail is a Kodansha comic, you can stock up on them.

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What I’m Reading (36)

Hey all, Dani here.

Welcome back to my weekly post where I talk about the books I’ve read in the past week, the books I am currently reading, and the books I am hoping to start reading soon. This week is a fun wrap up, because last weekend I participated in Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon, so I get to include my wrap up in this post.


But first, let’s talk about the book I read prior to Dewey’s Readathon. I managed to fly through Fairy Tail Zero by Hiro Mashima, and all I can say is that I want more story following Mavis and the early days of the Fairy Tail guild. I started another book but did not finish it before it was time to focus on the readathon–thankfully I did finish it after the readathon, so I’ll talk more about what that book was in a little bit.

Okay, now let’s talk about what I read during Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. The readathon started at 8:00 am on Saturday, October 20th, for me, but due to making chili and needing a shower, I didn’t start until 8:30 am, and my first read was a graphic novel called The Girl from the Other Side. Immediately after that I picked up Black Clover, Vol 2. Of course I was distracted a little bit from reading by needing to call my local post office and try to figure out why I never received my Owlcrate that they said they delivered to my doorstep. At 10:30 am I started All the Feels by Danika Stone. Then came the other time suck of my day…my regularly scheduled Dungeons & Dragons session. I did manage to keep doing a little reading while playing though. But at 1:30 pm, I tried to start The Monster of Selkirk: Book I: The Duality of Nature by C.E. Clayton, and I quickly realized that it was a book I needed to focus my whole attention on so I set it down for after the session.

Unfortunately later in the session is when the post office informed me that the place where they had delivered my package had never seen a package on their doorstep, so it must have been stolen. I’ve never had books stolen from me in my life, and I was so very much looking forward to the October Owlcrate box. It completely ruined my mood and made me want to stop reading for the day. My fiance, the amazing man that he is, suggested that I needed a trip to my happy place, otherwise known as Barnes & Noble. So we went, and I bought a number of manga and graphic novels. Yes, I went and bought the rest of the series for The Girl from the Other Side because it was what I really wanted to read. Expect a series (so far) review coming pretty soon. I need to gush about this series.

This led to me being able to jump back into reading for Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. At 11:20 pm, I started The Girl from the Other Side, Vol 2. At 11:37 pm, I started The Girl from the Other Side, Vol 3. At 11:52 am, I started The Girl from the Other Side, Vol 4, and at 12:06 am, I started The Girl from the Other Side, Vol 5. That is all of that series that is currently released, because Volume 5 just came out. Then, at 12:24 am, I started Black Clover, Vol 3. But all the emotional drain from the day left me tired, so at 1:06 am, after finishing that last manga, I crawled into bed with my fiance.


When I woke up it was 7:15 am. I rolled out of bed, grabbed my glasses, went to the bathroom, and then curled up on the couch with The Monster of Selkirk: Book I again, and read for the remaining 40 minutes of the readathon, managing to complete 62 pages of the book.

So overall for Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon, I started 9 books, finished 8 of them, and read a total of 1,626 pages. That isn’t bad, though in reality I only read one book from my TBR and then made it through about 20% of another one. Oh well. Sometimes you have to be flexible with these things.

But I’m not finished yet, dear followers. Nope. I have read a couple other books this past week.  That book I mentioned before, the one I started before the readathon but didn’t quite finish? Well, that book was Rule by Ellen Goodlett. Obviously once I finished that, I had to finish up The Monster of Selkirk Book I: The Duality of Nature by C.E. Clayton. With any luck, I’ll have reviews up for both books fairly soon.

I guess that means it is time to talk about my current reads. For that I have one that I should technically be starting around the time this post goes live, actually, so I’ll go ahead and count it as a current read. Of course, it is a graphic novel, so I also imagine that I’ll finish it today as well. That is The Cardboard Kingdom by Chad Sell. It just looks cute and fun, and there was a coupon for it at Barnes & Noble when we went on Saturday, so I’m excited. My other current read is for a series that I have pretty much been binge reading the past couple months, and that is Charmcaster by Sebastien de Castell. This is the third book in what is supposed to be a six book series, and the new cover releases have been each month over the last few months, but the fourth book isn’t coming out until…December? I think. So I’m probably going to pick up de Castell’s other series to hold me over until I can continue this series.

As for what I’m hoping to read next…well, that’s a difficult question to answer. I’m actually doing pretty good with my October TBR. All I have left is Escaping From Houdini by Kerri Mansicalco, and The Lost Queen by Signe Pike. But both of those are pretty lengthy reads, so I may pick up one to read this month, but the other will probably get pushed back to November. Plus, honestly, right now I kind of want to pick up more from my Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon TBR, since I pretty much abandoned it. I’m thinking about picking up Black Bird of the Gallows by Meg Kassel next. Then again, I did get my hands on the newest volume of The Wicked + The Divine, so I should probably read that soon too.

How was your latest week of reading? Have any good books you are dying to recommend to pretty much everyone? Let me know in the comments. That’s all for now, and I’ll be back soon with more bookish content.

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What I’m Reading (35)

Hey all, Dani here.

Welcome back to my weekly post where I talk about the books I have finished recently, the books I am currently reading, and the books I am hoping to read soon. So, this has been a pretty interesting week for books. I have managed to read a few, and my recent book haul added another nine books to my stack of books I want/need to read.

Of course I haven’t just been reading. I’ve also been occupied with watching shows and movies, as well as playing Dungeons & Dragons and doing Trunk or Treat at work. Honestly, I will take any excuse to dress up in a costume, and getting to see all the reactions from the kids when my fiance and I stayed in character as pirates was so much fun.

Anyway, let’s just go ahead and start talking about books.

Let’s start with the books I have managed to finish in the last week. First up I finished Fierce Fairytales: Poems and Stories to Stir Your Soul by Nikita Gill, and I definitely plan to write up a review for it sometime relatively soon. Then I moved on to another poetry collection by Gill, this time Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion Fire and Beauty. After that it was time for some more quick reads, and by that I mean a few volumes of manga. I flew through My Hero Academia Volume 15 by Hideo Horikoshi, and then My Hero Academia Vigilantes Volume 2 by Hideyuki Furuhashi. I will have reviews for these ones coming up as well. Then I picked up Fairy Tail Zero by Hiro Mashima, because I needed to know more about the first guild master after starting to see more of her in the anime.

Next up are my current reads. I’m ashamed to say that I’m still working on Access Restricted by Gregory Scott Katsoulis, because I do want to finish reading this, but I’m still nervous about finishing it and having the story be over. I’m also working on reading this cool how-to book about making a living doing nerdy activities like blogging or crafting or cosplay. Finally, I am still deep in my Fairy Tail obsession so I’m reading the single volume prequel about the first master of the Fairy Tail guild, so I am glad to be reading it.

Finally, it is time to talk about what I’m hoping to read. Obviously I have to be careful with this one, as Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon is this weekend. You can check out my TBR for this weekend by looking at this post. So the big priority is to finish my current reads before the weekend, but if I need another quick book to pick up, I think I’ll either grab City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab or Damsel by Elana K Arnold.

Well, I guess that is all for today. I imagine that next week’s update will be a pretty good one seeing as how I plan to do a lot of reading during the readathon this weekend. I’ll be back soon with more bookish content.

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Manga Review: My Hero Academia Vol 11

Hey all, Dani here.

Okay, so I’ve been a little lax with my Manga Monday reviews, and for that I’m sorry. Once again I have a nice buildup of reviews to write, so I can safely say that this series of posts should be able to continue for a few more months, at least. Though probably longer since I do plan to continue reading manga in future.

Anyway, I will be reading Vol 15 of My Hero Academia very soon, so I am pretty close to catching up on reviews for these reads, which means I’ll have to get back around to some of my other manga series.

Oh, and at the beginning of this month, my fiance and I went to the movies and saw the new My Hero Academia movie, and it was just so darn good. This is an anime series I am probably going to end up buying on DVD, because I will definitely want to watch it again at some point. The movie takes place right before this current season starts, so I do recommend watching it then, or else watching the episodes and movies according to their release dates.

With that out of the way, let’s just go ahead and jump into the review.



Bakugo’s abduction by the League of Villains was a carefully calculated move designed to draw out the heroes—All Might in particular—and destroy them. Midoriya and his friends set out on a rescue mission that eventually pulls in not only All Might but also several other heroes! The casualties mount, until at last the mastermind of the plot appears—All for One, the only villain powerful enough to take on All Might head-to-head and possibly win!

My Thoughts

Rating: 5 stars

This was such a great and intense volume. After I first read this one I considered this particular story arc to be my favorite of the series thus far, with good reason. There was so much going on, not just action, but also seeing how all the students continue to keep handling these extreme situations with powerful forces that seem against them.

Plus that All Might vs All for One situation. We have been waiting for it for quite some time, and the tension has been building for it so now it is time to see what sort of fallout will come from this encounter.

This is going to be an interesting storyline to follow, and I am so glad that I am caught up with both the show and the manga series–well, at least the manga that has been released over here in the United States. Obviously I will never wholly be caught up with what has been released weekly in Japan. I mean, unless I learned how to read Japanese, and I’m afraid I don’t currently have enough free time to take on learning a new language.

I know I say this in pretty much each of my reviews for My Hero Academia, but if you like superhero based stories, especially if you also like stories with a school setting, then I definitely recommend checking this series out.

Where to Buy

You can pick up Volume 11 of My Hero Academia, or any of the rest of the series, from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million, Book Depository, or your local independent book store.

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What I’m Reading (34)

Hey all, Dani here.

It has been a good week, but not a very productive reading week. Doctor Who came back on, and I’m liking the Thirteenth Doctor so far. And my fiance and I took my mom to the Renaissance Festival on Saturday–it was her first time there and she had a great time. It was Highland Weekend, so there were lots of kilts and a great deal of bagpipe music going on. Oh, and I met one of the most fierce and badass women, named Dame Jaclyn. She was one of the full-armored knights for the joust. On the first pass she took a poorly aimed lance that hit pretty much in the gut/ovary area. Then on the second pass she was unhorsed. But she got back up and mounted the horse again to go for the third pass. Dame Jaclyn said that in armor she weighs about 200 pounds and her opponent weighs more like 500 pounds in armor. It was an impressive showing, and I’m glad I got to talk to her and get her autograph after the joust was completed.

I read two books in the last week. Actually, I read both of these last night. But again, they are choose your own adventure books so they are pretty darn quick reads. With Big Trouble, I made a couple of bad decisions so it took about three tries to make it all the way through the adventure. Oddly enough, I made it through the first try with To Catch A Thief. So what did I learn from these four Endless Quest books (the fighter, the cleric, the wizard, and the rogue)? Well, apparently I have the easiest time surviving if I am in the mindset of a rogue. Which is weird to me because I tend to play clerics the most and I am generally pretty good at surviving in D&D.

Anyway, on to what I am currently reading.

Well, I’m still reading Access Restricted by Gregory Scott Katsoulis. I am really into the story, but I can admit that part of me is worried that this is the last book in the series or that it will leave off on a massive cliffhanger. Either way I don’t know that I’m ready for the book to end, which I think has slowed my reading speed a bit. Plus, obviously I got distracted by other books.

Okay, so I made it another 20 pages into Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon. Overall I’m not doing too bad with my progress on this, especially since I’ve been in a Highlander mood. Granted, this one doesn’t have nearly as many Scots in kilts in it, but it’s still a good read. If I keep this up then I should reach my goal of reaching at least page 400 by the end of the month.

I also started reading a poetry book I picked up at the end of last month and I am so loving it. The poems are definitely resonating with me, and I plan on having a gushing review of the book up shortly after I finish it. For now I’m a little over halfway finished and I can definitely say that I recommend Fierce Fairytales: Poems & Stories to Stir Your Soul by Nikita Gill.

What I plan on reading next is probably…hmm…I’m thinking the next book I’ll pick up is Rule by Ellen Goodlett.


This book is giving me some Three Dark Crowns vibes, sort of. So I can definitely say that I am looking forward to diving into this read, and hopefully I enjoy it.

So what books are you reading? I’d love to know, so let’s talk books in the comments. I’ll be back soon with more bookish content.